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The First Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Series 8

It was teased on Twitter all morning to take place on BBC One during the World Cup Final, and that got hundreds of thousands of people who don’t normally care about futbol watching the match. (I watched anyway because I enjoy the World Cup, for the record.) But it was worth it! On the heels of all of the leaks, we finally have our first SANCTIONED look at Peter Capaldi’s first series of Doctor Who, co-starring Jenna Coleman of course. Boy howdy, does it look awesome!

So, on top of starting with a Dalek talking cryptically and again hearing Clara say she doesn’t know who the Doctor is, we were treated to the following list of insane images flashes:

-The Doctor in Victorian garb
-A steampunk cyborg guy
-A super weird (and NEW) alien in a spacesuit
-Dinosaurs in London
-Clara falling
-Madame Vastra
-Space battles
-Creepy robot statue things
-The Doctor on a horse
-Clara being afraid of a red-headed lady
-Air blowing

We definitely get the sense that the Twelfth Doctor is going to be a lot darker and a lot more volatile than his predecessors and I think if anyone has the ability to do that it’s Peter Capaldi. Having Clara be unsure of him and his ways is a good starting-off point for the series, especially if he’s more bristly and less outwardly jovial as it appears he will be. Still, he’s the Doctor and he’s going to be brilliant. A badass Doctor? Can that even be a thing?!?!

Oh, and Cosplayers everywhere now have several different looks to copy to get all P-Caps on everybody’s ass. WHO-frigging-ray!

The new series of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America.

Let’s talk about it! How excited are you? I’m way stoked, in case you couldn’t tell.

Update: For more on the first Doctor Who Series 8 trailer, check out this recent episode of Nerdist News!

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  1. Peachy says:

    “A badass Doctor? Can that even be a thing?!?!”*Eccleston sighing deeply in the distance* 

  2. TmTvlr says:

    Sad it takes a darker tone.  The world already has so much darkness, Dr Who was always a ray of light.  I’ve been a fan for 30+ years and am hoping it’s not as dark as it seems.

    • jr says:

      Hope.. 🙁

    • Tailbone says:

      The Doctor is a ray of light piercing the darkness, but to bring that hope he must go there and challenge it first. 

    • TerraLupis says:

      It did go slightly darker for David Tennant’s Doctor (10th or the One who Regrets), Matt Smith’s Doctor (11th or the One who Forgets) was darker again but you didn’t realise it due to the nature of the Doctor. Also being run by Moffat, not all the episodes are going to have that darker tone. But still after regeneration it is possible that he wants to make up for some of the 10/11th’s mistakes (losing the Ponds, Losing River, Losing Clara TWICE) and then having the regret catch up to him about being unable to help previous companions when they needed him most.

  3. Terry Huddy says:


  4. What if that red head was Amy Pond?! Time for some proper speculation.

    • Kyle Anderson says:

      I thought about that, but A) I doubt they’d bring her back so soon after she had a decent goodbye in “Time,” and 2) Karen Gillan’s got very little hair at this point, but enough to make a wig a bit silly.

  5. Bribolox says:

    I’m sick of teasers – when do we get an actual trailer from the first episode already??!!

  6. *taps microphone*

  7. ajax says:

    Funny This. Prior to the “Start Up Again” (not really a reboot) I was 4th Doctor only and all other Doctors were crap since the 4th was the first Dr I ever knew and all others were unacceptable.

    But since the 9th (or 10th depending how you count) I have really enjoyed each and everyone. Loved Chris, David and Matt. And with this trailer I’m already all in with this Dr. Capaldi looks and acts just bad ass. A slightly darker Dr will be a nice change of pace, can’t wait

    • Mike says:

      oh you Tom Baker fans remind me so much of the modern Tennant fans :p. After watching all of Classic Who, I enjoyed Bakers years, but i honestly found him to be overrated, i don’t think he’s better or worse than any of the other doctors.

  8. jr says:

    Seen the first episode.. Peter is brilliant!

  9. I think he’s going to be an awesome Doctor. Maybe he’s the valeyard.

  10. Tiffany says:

    This trailer gave me chills. Dinosaurs?  I’m so in!  

  11. DukeOfDerp says:

    My birthday is next month and I couldn’t care less. I’m only excited for Doctor Who!!!!

  12. The 2.5th Doctor says:

    My 12th incarnation on a quest? I’m in.

  13. Andrew says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Jenny falling, not Clara.

  14. Laura says:

    Cannot freakin’ wait!