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The First Screen Emerges From 2014’s CALL OF DUTY Game

We learned a couple of months back that the Call Of Duty franchise was switching to a three year development cycle being shared amongst three studios (Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer). Today, the first screen from Sledgehammer’s 2014 iteration of Call Of Duty surfaced over on IGN and, boy, is it a sight to see. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:


Whoa! That’s one hell of a realistic looking screenshot!  According to a Sledgehammer representative, this is an actual in-game player model and not a cut scene.

The game is set to release sometime this fall and will be base-developed on next-gen consoles, according to Activision, which means that any versions of the game not on PS4, PC or Xbox One will likely be scaled down to compensate for the dated architecture of the previous generation’s consoles. This may sound like a deal-breaker to some, but if it means that the game will come out looking anything like this screenshot, I find it hard to not be interested in seeing what else Sledgehammer can do with next-gen hardware.


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  1. freak says:

    ur stupid? every year one game from different devs.. so first year IW second year Treyarch and third sledgehammer. This means every dev has 3 years time for a new game…

  2. Zul says:

    Dammit, it’s not three years of development, it’s just one year of development with three developers.

    It’s a small, subtle, difference.

  3. Jim says:

    Call of Duty is suffering from major franchise fatigue, whereas titles such as black ops and MW3 made an explosive impact, ghosts was received as a little “meh”.

    I really hope this new three year dev cycle for the games adds some much needed freshness into the genre, as I found from CoD4, they began to stagnate as a series. I hope that this new iteration isn’t just “the same old CoD experience” with shiny new graphics.

    There needs to be an engaging, interesting single player and co-op campaign component, which isn’t all Michael Bays set-pieces, which boasts a decent length. The multiplayer is always going to be the focus, but they shouldn’t lose sight of the things that made the series popular in the first place.

  4. Heather says:

    Well that is an impressive image. I was so disappointed with Ghosts, though. I really hope the game is better next time. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Battlefield.

    • Malik Forté says:

      Well with three years to develop the game, I’d hope that they’d have an overall fresher game.