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The First RE-ANIMATOR Action Figure Is Ready to Join Your Retro-Collection

Dr. Herbert West from the 1985 cult horror masterpiece Re-Animator has had an easier time reviving the dead than he has becoming a toy. Back when every company had a horror movie figure line, SOTA was set to make him along with a Warwick Davis Leprechaun, but the company dropped out of the action figure business before that could happen. Amok Time, which has tried to augment older collections with figures like Bub the Zombie from Day of the Dead and additional Killer Klowns, has been promising a 7″ scale West similar to SOTA’s for a while, and…well, they say it’s still coming. But in the meantime, they’ve made one to fit the current retro-style craze, and have brought Jeffrey Combs down to Star Wars scale. Maybe Kylo Ren can recruit him to revive Darth Vader.


Unlike many similar figures, this one features nine points of articulation and an interchangeable forearm to hold Dr. Hill’s head.

As a special bonus, if you don’t necessarily love horror movies but are a fan of talk show hosts, it’s easy enough to pretend that this is Stephen Colbert wielding the severed cranium of Jon Stewart…


I mean, am I right? And that’s the word.

How can this West be won? Over on Amok Time’s site, where he’s $14.99 with free shipping. You’ll love crafting adventures for the good physician and his glowing serum.

Is there a place on your shelf–perhaps beside the severed body parts–for this guy? Do any of your other action figures need an infusion of life? Tell us below.

Image: Amok Time

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