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The Final Season of VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL is Now Available!

We’ve spent the last few months praising the excellence that is RocketJump‘s first long form project, Video Game High School. Over the past couple of years, Freddie Wong and co. have taken us to a world where games rule. Where the highest rated, most viewed sporting events are not NFL-related, but instead centered around gaming competitions. Oh, what a world that would be… Now, after taking us through two seasons of adventure, friendship and heartbreak, the creative team will bring the series to a close with the third season, and guess what? It’s now available! And there’s more than one way to get it.

Above you’ll find the first episode of the season available to watch for free on YouTube. For the next five weeks, the RocketJump crew will continue releasing episodes one at a time, every Monday, until the end of the six episode run. However, should you not want to wait that long because you’re such a fan of the VGHS sweetness, there is another option. A super awesome option.

For those that wish to binge watch the entire season at once, they now can go to and purchase the entire season for $14.99, or $2.99 an episode (we recommend the $14.99 option, personally).

So there you have it. The final chapter of VGHS is here, and it’s available to watch. Now all we can do is marvel at the creation RocketJump has unleashed on to the world and wait to see what they bring down the pipeline next (you know, when they’re not blowing up our editor-in-chief).

What was your favorite VGHS moment of the last three seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: RocketJump

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  1. james sanders says:

    why is it the last season? do they ever say why its ending?

  2. DJ Kento says:

    I love these guys and I’ve been a backer since season 1. I’ve played games withe Freddie and hung out at E3… I was kind of shocked by how narrowly focused this season was on one type of gaming… and then I realized the whole show was kind of like that.
    It’s like outside of Racing games and Shooters they didn’t acknowledge the rest of gaming culture. They give a little nod to social gamers and puzzle gamers, and MMO has gotten it’s nods… Fighting is supposed to be Ki Swan’s speciality… but I don’t feel like they understand where competitive gaming is or where it’s going.
    This is how you’d see the future of gaming a few years ago maybe, but even then where are the StarCraft II gamers? And now where are the MOBA players? A DOTA 2 tournament sold out the Madison Square Garden Theater 2 days in a row this past week and the word MOBA isn’t mentioned once in the entire series… I don’t get it. 

    • sam says:

      Limited budget. It’s pretty obvious that if they could have included a MOBA game they would have. Except that’s extra equipment, actors, location. I think they did a fine job just like that.