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The Final Season of THE LEGEND OF KORRA Will Premiere Next Month

The most recent season of The Legend of Korra was a wild ride, both creatively and from a business standpoint. The season took us on an incredible journey involving a whole new crop of air benders popping up around the world thanks to Korra’s actions at the end of season two. The story eventually led to an epic battle between the avatar and a group of terrorists hell-bent on taking her out, so that the avatar cycle would end with her death. On the other hand, for reasons unknown (that were vaguely discussed during Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino’s appearance on the Nerdist Writers Panel), Book Three’s premiere date was rushed from fall 2014 to summer with next to no marketing, then pulled from television midway through the season to conclude as an online exclusive. Needless to say, things got a little wonky in the end.

Now, we expected that Nickelodeon would premiere the final season sometime in 2015, probably the summer. However, in a short video released on Nick’s website, Bryan and Michael have confirmed that the final season of the series, titled “Balance,” will premiere on October 3rd and run exclusively online like the back half of season three, with one episode releasing each week.

The decisions that television networks make are always shrouded in mystery, and usually we only end up knowing half of the story (as was the case with the season three date shift). We’ll probably never know what happened behind the scenes that led to Nick’s decision to move up the final season, and it’s hard to determine what this means for their future goals as a network, but since it’s already finished, we can take solace in the fact that the story we’ll be seeing is the story we were meant to see. With the show moving online, there are a lot of ways to interpret what the future of the Avatar franchise looks like. Hopefully, The Legend of Korra won’t be the last time we visit this world, but for now, at least we’ll be getting an artistically driven ending to a series that’s been nothing but tip-top since its premiere.

Will you be checking out the final season of The Legend of Korra? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. yahaya issah says:

    we need season 5 because we need to know what will happen after the new spirit port hole pls

  2. Basia says:

    He’ll yea I will a al ready Own the rest of them.

  3. pdxoxs says:

    YESSSSS!!!! Started with the original Avatar, and certainly love the new one. I know they’ve been a little all over the place, but it is clear that they have been uncertain as to whether there would be a next season, and I think they have done great with what they have. The finale to the last season was awesome, better than I could have hoped for. Just wish Nickelodeon would relinquish their rights and let someone else pick it up who will continue to provide consistant funding.

  4. ColinJ says:

    I think the show has been wildly uneven from the beginning but it’s still better than anything else that’s out there in terms of ‘kids’ entertainment.
    I’m just glad that despite whatever the hell is going on at an executive level the guys have the chance to finish up the story how they want to.

  5. McKinley says:

    Absolutely cant wait

  6. GeneD5 says:

    As a longtime fan of Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, I’ll definitely be tuning in online! It’s Nickelodeon’s loss, and TV will be poorer for the absence.

  7. Tiffany says:

    I started watching Legend of Korra with Amazon Prime. I hope I’ll be able to catch the fourth season that way as well.

  8. Bongoh says:

    RIP Korra, RIP Young Justice too

  9. Oh my gosh!!!! They have too put Toph in!!! The viewing would shoot through the roof..old grumpy Toph…I really want tho see this happen.

  10. That’s really a bummer – i was watching on Nick tv and then all of sudden – no more!  Will all of the current season be on Nick’s web site?