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The Final FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer is Here

The final Fantastic Four trailer from 20th Century Fox might just convert any non-believers left out there who think this rebooted direction for the franchise was ill-advised. Now that we’re so close to the release and the spoiler window is dwindling down, the trailer finally lets us hear the voices of characters like Doom and The Thing.

It opens on the young Reed Richards, boy genius who’s giving a presentation to his class about aspiring to be the first person that teleports himself. When it cuts to Reed’s garage, which he has fashioned into a wildly elaborate experimental laboratory, he makes his first attempt at using the teleporting machine, using a Matchbox car as the test subject. Naturally, he shuts down his neighborhood power grid in the process. Kids, am I right? The trailer cuts to his parents before the power goes out, and confirms Tim Heidecker‘s role as Reed’s dad in the film. (Awesome casting, great job!)

It is this teleportation technology that is the crux of the origin for the new Fantastic Four. Whereas the original Fantastic Four gained their superhuman powers thanks to cosmic radiation on an ill-fated space flight, the gang in this reboot are all volunteer test subjects for the first inter-dimensional teleportation ever conducted by humans.

That journey to this alternate world results in Doom’s creation and also imbues Reed, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm with fantastic powers. Victor Domashev came in direct contact with the green substance seen on the strange, new planet, and as such has become the strongest of the five intergalactic travelers. But together, the remaining four team up to take him down and thus, the Fantastic Four are (re)born!

The film stars Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, and Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev. The film also features Tim Heidecker (Bridesmaids), Reg E. Cathey (House of Cards), and Tim Blake Nelson (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) in supporting roles.

Fantastic Four opens everywhere August 7th.

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