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The Doctor’s Eleven in WHO’s Fifth Episode, “Time Heist”

My favorite thing about Doctor Who is that it can (and should, by golly) be anything and everything it possibly can. The TARDIS, aside from being a time and space machine, is a genre machine and allows the heroes to essentially transport themselves into any kind of story imaginable. This is why I’m so excited for this week’s episode, the fifth of Series 8, entitled “Time Heist.” Co-written by Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson (both coworkers on Sherlock) and directed by the awesome Douglas Mackinnon, “Time Heist” is the Doctor and Clara being put into an Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist movie, and it looks pretty damn cool.

The Doctor and Clara are given the task of breaking into the most secure bank in the entire universe, which is a challenge the Time Lord simply cannot pass up (because they’ll get killed if he does). He’ll have to get some help, though (what heist movie doesn’t have specialists?) and those happen to be a comely shape-shifter and a cyber-augmented gamer. Together, they’ll have to get passed the bank’s security, set up by guest star Keeley Hawes, which includes the fearsome Teller, an alien with the power to detect guilt. That doesn’t bode well for the Doctor, aka Him What Destroyed Many Planets.

Below, you’ll find a gallery of images from the episode, and belower still you’ll find the complete trailer. I’ve already said how much I’m looking forward to this episode, but I want to hear from you? Is the premise (and Clara’s super attractive loose-tied suit) enough to make you want to watch or are you the “I’ll believe it when I see it” type?

Images: BBC

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  1. Valerie says:

    This looks pretty cool. And Clara’s clothes have been on point so far – I covet pretty much everything she’s been wearing.

  2. Alexson_777 says:

    Remind me when they robbed a bank on Farscapeeven the location looks like it