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THE DEFENDERS Casts Sigourney Weaver, IRON FIST Trailer, and More TV from NYCC

THE DEFENDERS Casts Sigourney Weaver, IRON FIST Trailer, and More TV from NYCC

The Big Apple has been hopping with television news over the last four days thanks to New York Comic Con. Marvel television brought stars and series, Doctor Who and Class stopped by, and while that was happening, Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted Saturday Night Live. Kick off your Monday with TV-Cap and enjoy a highlights reel.

Streamlining Marvel. Let’s begin with the news on Netflix’s Marvel series, shall we? They brought the first presentation for the upcoming Iron Fist, but that wasn’t all. Stars from Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil joined the panel, and Marvel dropped a juicy Defenders surprise. Guess who’s playing the villain? Sigourney Weaver! WHAT?! Sigourney Weaver in a Marvel Netflix series! Can you even believe it? Who do you think she’s playing? [Nerdist]

Dragon Time. Marvel didn’t pull any punches with Iron Fist either. They announced filming for Iron Fist ended on Saturday—kind of a cool time to premiere the first full teaser, right? They also shared clips from the series, and you can read more about those at Nerdist.

On the Mutant Side. We’re going to stay in the world of Marvel TV for a few. FX’s Legion is coming in early 2017, but NYCC attendees saw the entire premiere episode. Michael A. was there and he came back with a somewhat spoilery report you can read right here on Nerdist. And also, showrunner Noah Hawley teased there will be a connection to Professor X.

Undercover. Last but not least in Marvel television, some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast members went around the convention incognito in Marvel costumes with masks. They talked to cosplayers and no one suspected a thing. Watching the interviewees’ faces when the cast reveals their true identities is hilarious. [Nerdist]

Voltron Peek. We’re staying with NYCC developments but leaving Marvel behind. You with me? Good. Let’s catch up with Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defenders. Season two will debut on January 20, but again, NYCC got a sneak preview. Michael A. has all the details—you can decide if you want them—right here.

Danger? Michael A. owned NYCC coverage. In addition to all the above, he checked out the Archer panel with producer Matt Thompson and cast members. When the show returns with season eight, Sterling Archer is a different man in another era; he’ll be a private eye in 1947. Yep. Dive into the full report, you guessed it, here at Nerdist.

Weird World. October 21. The date isn’t so far away, and it will mark the arrival of Black Mirror on Netflix. The streaming service is getting new episodes in front of our eyes, and the latest trailer teases all kinds of bizarre, wonderful stories. I cannot wait for my mind to be blown. [Nerdist]

Advanced School. High school brings its own set of problems, but if your school is Coal Hill Academy, you have so much more to worry about than teenage angst. The stars of the Doctor Who spinoff Class are charged with keeping the world safe from the beings and monsters busting through because of all the time travel activity that’s happened at the location. Not sold? Watch the trailer that just dropped at NYCC and get sold! [Nerdist]

Keeping It Vague. Class starting school is all good and well, but what about the next time we get to see Doctor Who? Series 10 is a bit in the future, but the Christmas special is only a couple months away. BBC isn’t spilling all the beans—we know a superhero will be appearing—but they released a vague tease that’s better than nothing at all. What do you make of it? [Nerdist]

Scrappy and Funny. Lin-Manuel Miranda was in the greatest city in the world, a.k.a. New York, on Saturday night to host Saturday Night Live. As you can imagine, Hamilton sketches and references were a thing, and thank heavens they were. Your Monday will enjoy this musical monologue boost. Trust me (I’m not a trust fund baby, but…). [Nerdist]

Weekend TV Time. Were you too busy keeping tabs on the TV news out of NYCC to watch your favorites this weekend? As soon as you spend some quality time with your recording device, come back and read my recap of the latest Star Wars Rebels (Wedge Antilles, guys) and Scott’s recap of Westworld.

Did you lose your mind over the Sigourney Weaver news? Tell me in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix

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