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THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR Adds One More Doctor

Sometimes there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, but when it comes to Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor”, we say the more, the merrier. According to The Huffington Post‘s Aaron Sagers, viewers will have one more reason to be excited this Saturday, as another member of Whovian history will be appearing alongside the already confirmed Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, and Paul McGann. Who could it be? (Stop reading now if you don’t want any spoilers.) Well, I’m glad you asked, because it’s none other than…

…Tom Baker! That’s right, the scarfed one rides again. Was it everything you’d hoped it would be and more?

In an interview with Huffington Post, Baker was surprisingly candid about his involvement. “I am in the special,” he said. “I’m not supposed to tell you that, but I tell you that very willingly and specifically; the BBC told me not to tell anybody, but I’m telling you straightaway.” Right cheeky of you, Doctor, but we’re glad you told us nonetheless.

Also known as the Fourth Doctor, Baker has often been cited as the best version of the eponymous character since the show premiered on November 23, 1963, although I’m sure Tumblr would have something to say about that. Apart from Paul McGann, he is the only classic Who actor confirmed to be returning for the special, although this does beg the question of whether or not we could expect to see Christopher Eccleston, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, or Sylvester McCoy make guest appearances. The BBC has repeatedly denied any such rumors, and their only statement has been this: “As with William Hartnell’s recent appearance in the last season finale, anything is possible in Doctor Who. But nothing is certain.”

In regards to the specifics of his appearance, Baker was spotty, only noting that the circumstances around his character’s appearance were “extraordinary.” He also added that “it worked out very well, I think, judging by the reactions of the technicians.” You’ll be able to judge for yourself this Saturday once “The Day of the Doctor” airs at 2:50 PM ET. Don’t forget to tune early to catch our Doctor Who live pre-show, either!

What do you make of this news? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. cardsfanbj says:

    It’d be cool if David Bradley is in it as the First Doctor, as he plays him in An Adventure in Time and Space.

  2. Jesse V Coffey says:

    Wait — David Tennant AND Tom Baker? I’ve died and gone to Doctor Who Heaven!

  3. I do find it interesting that everyone has jumped to the conclusion that Tom Baker is playing The Doctor. He never said that. Just that he is in the special. He could just be doing a cameo and I can see him pranking everyone with the expectation of the long scarf showing up once again…

  4. MARY EDGECOMB says:

    This comes as no surprise mostly because Tom Baker has been in all the interviews on air and in the fannish mags…I mean, really, do your homework….The Doctor would be so disappointed.

  5. Murphy7 says:

    “Genesis of the Daleks” folks.

    Do so wonder what John Hurt the War Doctor has to say to Tom Baker’s incarnation, after his “Have I the right?” concerns with ending the Daleks.

    The Doctor has both turned towards and away from genocide concerning the Daleks, that’s a conversation I hope we get to see.

  6. Dave says:

    “I’ve heard lots of rumours, none of which I’m allowed to tell you anything about. I’m privy to them actually, yes, I have got a copy of the script which has got my name embossed across it, so it’s top secret, but there’s other stuff, lots of other things that are going on that people should keep their eye open for around the 50th Anniversary Special!” – Peter Davison

  7. Dale Cooper says:

    He’s in the radio special, but I doubt he or McGann will be in the actual tv episode.

  8. Shayde says:

    Davison is in it too.

  9. Jeanine says:

    Tom Baker was my 1st Doctor! I am so excited to hear this!

  10. Wiredwizard says:

    As the source is Huffington Post connected I’m taking this bit w/ a whole dumptruck load of salt.

  11. Dall says:

    I’m not sure how many more surprises my heart can handle.

  12. Soon says:

    Does it beg the question though? Or merely raise it?

    Raises, yes. Begs is a kind of circular assumption, goes into more finer toothcombing.

  13. jon says:

    Tom Baker was the Doctor who started it all for me when I was a kid. I’m still stuck on Jelly Babies

  14. Ace says:

    Jesse it will not be Digtial Trickery it will be Jiggery Pokery the Doctor came first in that.

  15. kpopcougar says:

    I am so excited by this!!! I am literally in tears! Tom Baker’s Dr. Who on PBS was part of my childhood and the reason I started watching again when Chris Eccleston’s Dr. Who started airing on PBS. Also, he was freakin’ Puddleglum!!! You cannot fathom how hard I freaked out when I realized the Doctor was also a Marsh Wiggle.

  16. Cynthia says:

    I couldn’t care less how much he’s aged. It’s TOM BAKER.

    I’m about doing backflips over this! I so hope it’s legit!

  17. Kara says:

    Wait … so McGann is confirmed for the special itself as well? Or is this in reference to ‘Night of the Doctor’?

  18. Randalflagg618 says:

    I grew up watching Tom Baker as the Doctor on PBS so even thought most people my age (21) always say that Tennant or Smith is their favorite Doctor I always have to look like the odd man out or the hipster because i cant lie to myself and say either of them are my favorite. My favorite Doctor will always be my first, Tom Baker, his version of the Doctor was my favorite in that perfect range of eccentric to downright insane that i dont think any of the newer Doctor’s have gotten quite right (although Tennant and Smith both sure did try)

  19. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    I’m excited.

  20. jesse kleitman says:

    He’ll still steal the show and out act all the rest combined – even if his performance turns out to have been cobbled together from decades old episodes. BEST. DOCTOR. EVER!!!

  21. Jesse Kleitman says:

    Color me skeptical. He’s much older than he appeared when his character regenerated into the next Dr. I think we should expect Digital trickery, voice coming from an actor with their back to the camera, old footage viewed through a screen etc. He could still be voice acting the role.

  22. Kris says:

    Tom Baker was a great doctor and will make this special even more special a special because of his specialness.

  23. The Big D says:

    I’ve only been a Whovian since 2009, but I made a point to go back and watch episodes from the Tom Baker era after hearing so many positive things about his time as the Doctor. Fortunately Netflix began streaming a lot of the Baker era, so finding episodes was no problem. Some of my favorites were the “Key to Time” series, as well as the episodes featuring the creation of the Daleks and the introduction of Davros. Tennant will always be my number one, but Tom Baker is definitely a close second.