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The Dark Knight Trilogy, Condensed


I would normally not encourage people to skip watching the complete Dark Knight trilogy because they’re kind of essential genre movies on that “have to see at least once” list, but we’ve all seen ’em, right? Yet we all know someone who’s managed not to watch a single one of the three, who says he or she doesn’t have time for that. For those people, here’s ScreenRant’s deft edit job of the main plot points of the trilogy into one 3-minute video. Think of it as Cliff’s Notes in video form. It’s no substitute for the complete experience, but you can use it as a quick refresher.

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  1. Illusion-XIII says:

    This is pretty good, very slickly edited, nicely paced, and the visuals fit well with the soundtrack.
    My only lament would be that the video leaves out revealing that (spoiler alert, but if you’re watching this video, duh, the whole point is to reveal the plot, so…) Liam Neeson’s character is Ra’s al Ghul. He isn’t mentioned by name so we only know that if we’ve seen the movie (which defeats the purpose if this is meant as a primer for someone who hasn’t). That means that the big reveal at the end of the trilogy (again, spoiler) of the relation between Talia, Bane, and Ra’s al Ghul ends up being lost. There’s just one line mentioning “I honor my father Ra’s al Ghul by finishing his work.” I know who she’s talking about, since I’ve seen the movies, but for someone who hasn’t seen them, this wouldn’t carry nearly the meaning that it did in the movie. She just looks like some lady who seduced him and then betrayed him for whatever reason. Since this is a major event that ties the three movies together, the callback could have been made more explicit.

  2. Jessica L says:

    I have to admit that this tells you all you need to know about those movies if you were going into a new sequel and hadn’t watched the others.

    I loved the Dark Knight trilogy as great genre flicks and wonderful commentaries on humanity but not really as Batman movies. I still feel like we haven’t had a better screen appearance of batman since the animated series.