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THE DARK CRYSTAL Returns to Movie Theaters

It feels like it was another world and another time when The Dark Crystal was released, but it was only 36 years ago. The 1982 film directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz was a staple of many childhoods, including mine. The story about the Skeksis and Mystics never gets old, and while I’m looking forward to the Netflix prequel series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I’m always happy to revisit the movie. I’ve only seen it on home video, but that might change, because Fathom Events is bringing The Dark Crystal back to movie theaters in February.

The fantasy adventure will be coming to over 500 theaters around the United States on February 25, February 28, March 3, and March 6! It’s an opportunity to revisit the film, see it in a theater for the first time, and maybe most importantly, to introduce a new generation to The Dark Crystal. What better way to show kids the story of Jen and Kira and all the mythology of the story than on the big screen. I bet Skeksis are even scarier when they’re larger than life.

You can grab tickets directly from Fathom Events.

Have you seen The Dark Crystal on the big screen? Will you be purchasing tickets for this event? Let us know in the comments.

Images: The Jim Henson Company

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