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The Dan Cave: 7 of the Weirdest Films of All Time

SXSW is a beautiful oasis of brisket, bass-heavy music, and bold filmmaking in one of the weirdest cities in the world, Austin, Texas. Every year, thousands of people flock to the festival to see some truly unique, challenging films and fill their bodies with all the breakfast tacos they can handle. So, whether you’re currently gorging yourself on all manner of kooky, off-kilter cinema at SXSW or you’re stuck at home living vicariously through the tweets of others, I’ve got something for you. Today on The Dan Cave, we’re celebrating the “Keep It Weird” vibe that permeates both Austin and SXSW by shining a light on seven of the weirdest films ever made.

From murderous rubber creatures to Sean Connery in a bathing sit that would make Borat blush, there’s a little something for everyone in today’s episode. If you’re someone who likes movies that make you wonder “what the hell did I just watch?”, then trust me when I say that these movies will leave you more existentially distressed than ever.

Now, obviously, there’s more than just seven weird films out there, so be sure to let me know your favorites in the comments below. Or, hit me up on Twitter (@Osteoferocious) and we can chat more about some of the stranger slices of cinema available out there.

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  1. gary says:

    I surprised Naked Lunch didn’t make the list. I like that movie, every time i watch it, it try to figure out what is real and not. 

  2. Delaney says:

    I’m upset that I had to look at the Eraserhead baby while I was eating lunch…

  3. Rachele says:

    Let’s see.  Anything by Jorodrowski. Chien Andalou, of course – how could a Salvador Dali screenplay go wrong? And if you like Malice in Wonderland AND Rabbits, you should try Jan Švankmajer’s Alice. I also recommend looking for his Punch and Judy show with the guinea pig on YouTube. 

  4. yeaah says:

    If you haven’t watched Street Trash, you’re missing out