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The Dan Cave

THE DAN CAVE: 5 Horror Comics That Are So Good It’s Scary

Hello there! Wait, don’t move any closer. Sorry, the light from the monitor is hitting you just right, and it’s really working for you right now. Anyway, welcome to The Dan Cave!

On today’s episode, we’re taking The Dan Cave seasonal gourds straight into the heart of Nerdoween with a spotlight on some of the spookiest comics money can buy. In the last few years, there has been a cavalcade of delightfully creepy comics that are well worth adding to your weekly pull list or seeking out in trade paperback format. So, to help you get in the spirit of the season or if you’re trying to pull an all-nighter without the aid of caffeine, I’ve assembled a countdown of 5 horror comics that you definitely need to read before you die. Hell, you should read these even after you die because they’re that good.

Of course, as with any list, there are plenty of amazing titles that I didn’t have time to mention. So, that’s where the ominous onus falls on your, dear reader! Tell me in the comments below what your favorite horror comics are or whisper it to me in a super demonic voice on Twitter (@osteoferocious) using the hashtag #TheDanCave.

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  1. The drifting classroom is classic stuff. Great 70’s manga. If you are looking for something else classic and terrifying check out Hideshi Hino’s Lullabies from Hell.   

  2. Dewd says:

    I’ve been reading “Ghosted” for a bit.  It’s ok but a little disappointing.  I thought it’d be better than it is.  Also “American Vampire” is routinely a fun read.

  3. anonymous says:

    Severed by Scott Snyder is harrowing.

  4. Lindsey says:

    What happens after six super villains successfully take over the world?

  5. benjduff says:

    ’68 Zombie series

  6. ary says:

    Rachel Rising

  7. CodeRed says:

    Witch Doctor by Image comics. So far there’s only been like 8 issues I think, which are compiled into to two trades currently. It’s wonderful stuff, like Dr. Who meets Hellblazer by way of Cthulhu.