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THE CROW Remake Gets A New New Lead

…that still isn’t Tom Hiddleston.

It’s been a rocky road through pre-production on The Crow reboot which is scheduled to go into production later this year. Edward R. Pressman, producer of the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee, is behind the new film as well. After Dracula Untold star and future Gaston Luke Evans departed the project earlier this year, the team behind the scenes has landed on and officially hired Boardwalk Empire actor Jack Huston to play the tragic hero. In addition to playing cult favorite Eric Draven, Huston has landed the lead in the Ben-Hur remake which will also go into production later this year.

In addition to finding a new leading man, the production recently had to find a new director after F. Javier Gutiérrez left the project to direct Rings, the third installment in the American Ring franchise, which is currently in production and scheduled to hit cinemas this November. Corin Hardy will now be behind the camera on The Crow and won much acclaim as a director for his short film Butterfly. He is said to be an up and coming favorite of Edgar Wright. Screenwriter Claire Wilson is currently taking a pass at the script.

What say you all about this casting news? Was Brandon Lee the definitive Eric Draven, end of story? Is it worth trying to reimagine The Crow on the big screen or is this story better left to the pages of comic books? What about a mini-series based on the favorite dark hero? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Brandon Lee, was the definitive Eric Draven, not sure that anyone can re-fill the role anywhere near his original performance.

  2. Mike says:

    Crow followups after Lee’s amazing performance have all fallen way short.  The closest to anything good was Marc Dacascos in the tv series Crow: Stairway to Heaven, so its already been done.  Unless there is a huge headliner and an epic script with unlimited funding, leave it alone please.

  3. Chris says:

    Isn’t this a bit like what happened in the original aswell?

  4. Jared Leto or GTFO!

  5. RoxxanneRedd says:

    FUCK NO, no Crow reboots!! Brandon Lee would be rolling in his grave, nobody will be able to pull it off like him!  Please for the love of the Crow, DO  NOT MAKE THIS MOVIE!!! Hollywood will just ruin it and tarnish Brandon Lee’s memory

  6. stormy says:

    first off the person who wrote this should in fact do some research. they already had The Crow tv series it didnt last. Second this is one movie that should not be remade. it was Brandon Lees last film and let it be his and his alone.

  7. Jeremy says:

    The Crow is my all time favorite movie and to be honest, I was against a reboot.  However, after see creator James O’Barr behind this new project,I’m in.  I was also a huge fan of the comic and I trust his judgement.  After all, he was blown away by what Alex Proyas and Brandon Lee had come up for the original.  Of course we know how that turned out.  

  8. Noone says:

    *whoops sorry for the double posts

  9. Noone says:

    Leave it alone please! I know people say there is going to be different material and that it’s not going to be the same as the original. Then what’s the point in making it? The tv series and all the sequels were flubs doesn’t that tell you something? Besides the original Crow was a cult classic because of Brandon Lee. Remaking it would just be disrespectful! 

  10. Noone says:

    Leave it alone! It became a cult classic because of Brandon Lee & there is no use in trying to remake it. The tv series & all the sequels flubbed. Is that not telling you something? Brandon literally put his life into this film remaking it is just disrespectful. 

  11. Shaun says:

    I’m trying to withhold judgement on this until I see it, but I do have to say, it’s hard for me to think about them redoing this movie. Lee IS Eric Draven. The dude died filming it. It’s a video epitaph in my opinion; i.e., it’s sacred ground. But I know nothing is sacred in the ‘Wood Especially when there’s money to be made.

  12. James says:

    This movie should absolutely not be remade… The Crow is the Citizen Kane of my generation and it should be left alone… 

  13. Grecas says:

    brandon lee is thee crow + the epic should not be rebooted… the signs are there-  the whole crew dropping out…

  14. Evie Price says:

    Brandon Lee IS Eric Draven. Any reboot is both insulting to his memory (he DIED performing the role, after all), and redundant. No one will ever top Lee.

  15. Allie says:

    I don’t think this needs to be made again. It’s a beautiful story that had a tragic end in the making of the first one. The first is the best and the ONLY one I will ever watch. Leave good movies alone…it’s a cult classic and should be left as is.

  16. trip says:

    Am I the only one that’s actually kind of excited for this? Don’t get me wrong, the original is fantastic and I wouldn’t replace it with anything else, but things can always be looked at from a new perspective and through a new lens. Brandon Lee IS Eric Craven in my mind, and I’ll have as hard a time separating him from the role long enough to see someone else in it as anyone, but… I think anyone who’s seen Boardwalk Empire and Huston’s work will know that, of anyone, holy crap. Richard Harrow will SO give him a run for his money.
    I don’t know. Don’t get up in arms yet. The movie’s, what, 20 years old? The steps forward we’ve taken in graphics and cinematography alone will make it for an interesting ride, and I know Huston will blow it outta the water. Whatever. I have hope. To the lost.

  17. David says:

    Brandon lee is the only true Eric draven but hey I love the crow series so who knows.

  18. Alexis says:

    Man and Tom Hiddleston also didn’t get the part of Ben-Hur?! Sad day in deed for Hiddlestoners!

  19. Lou Stapleton says:

    They should leave this alone. Comics is one thing,  the novel was amazing. But the most sequels sucked so badly, it became uncomfortable viewing. Brandon Lee brought Eric Draven to life, and he lost his life whilst filming it. Like he said,  everything in life feels like an exhaustable well. Things are so precious that we never get to see it again,  but I for one, do not want his memory tarnished by some poor rip off. People in the big wigs are just money grabbing at a non cash cow. LEAVE THE CROW ALONE. 

  20. TMc says:

    Brandon Lee was The Crow….a remake just kills it for me….

  21. Cassidy says:

    Leave it alone already! The original was amazing. Brandon Lee is the Crow! Hollywood needs to have some respect for the dead

  22. energyofdragon says:

    This of all films, shouldn’t be remade. It seems disrespectful to Mr. Lee. Leave it in the comics.

  23. CW says:

    I love Tom Hiddleston more than my luggage but praise jeezus, I’m so thankful he’s not doing this reboot. Some things should be left well enough alone. Smokes and road beers! 

  24. Raven575 says:

    I just hope they stay away from the story of Eric Draven. There are so many other really good Crow stories to pick from.

  25. Gogogadget says:

    You guys do a great job, but I’ve noticed in the last few months you have been way behind on entertainment news. In some cases a week or more behind other blogs like io9, the Verge, Laughing Squid, Mary Sue,etc. It’s kind of weird, since your company is fully entrenched in media platforms and the business at large. This post for example has been known for a while now on other blogs and you’re just posting it now as if it was just announced. There’s no real competition or anything, but it’s just odd that a blog and company so connected with the entertainment world is this far behind on many stories. 

  26. cyndi says:

    No, just no! Brandon Lee played the role best! End of story, and there already was a series and it failed shortly after it started. I couldn’t even watch the other “Crow” movies, they weren’t anywhere near as good as the first, so just stop already, not to mention the sadness of what happened! 

  27. Mick says:

    great movies don’t need to be remade… end of discussion…

  28. Emily says:

    love it!!

  29. Kristine says:

    I think Luke Evans may have done a decent job. I don’t know this other actor so I can’t speculate how he’ll do. But I honestly just wish they wouldn’t even remake this movie at all. Remakes are almost always way worse than the original. Plus I don’t want to see the original forgotten and overshadowed by this remake. I like someone in the comments belows idea of an anime version. That’d be neat and comic book like. They already made The Crow Stairway to Heaven series which didn’t do too well, so a mini series wouldn’t be a good idea. I like that they want to bring attention back to my favorite story ever made, but I fear that this is going to be like a slap in the face to the memory of Brandon Lee. Please, I just wish they wouldn’t remake my favorite movie at all.

  30. Morgana268 says:

    I’ll still watch it, but the tally these past few years on reboots v. originals show the originals to almost always be better in my opinion. They would also have to come up with one amazing soundtrack, because the soundtrack to the original set the atmosphere up perfectly.

  31. Dutch Leonard says:

    I was disappointed with the original crow. I expected more having read the graphic novel. Brandon Lee was cool and I know they didn’t get to finish it due to his death but I think that a better movie definitely can be made. Whether or not they will make a better movie remains to be seen. 

    • Stephen says:

      This is supposed to be a re-do based upon the original graphic novel material.  What actually happens once the studio gets their bands on it is another story.

    • Rob says:

      The graphic novel was a decent read, but it lacks necessary elements to make a succesful movie — for example, reanimated Eric Draven is totally invincible in the comic, at no point is he in danger of failing his mission because nobody can stop him. Second, the character in the comic is completely insane, lacking any hint of his former personality. The movie made changes to make Eric Draven a bit more vulnerable and  The first movie made the right changes. It’s not an Oscar calibur story to begin with, it’s a dark, gritty, noir action flick and that’s exactly what we got.

  32. L.W. says:

    No-one will replace Brandon Lee’s performance. He defined who the Crow is and should be. 

  33. Misty M. says:

    I personally think The Crow franchise should be left to comic books. Every sequel to the original was horrendous and Brandon Lee was the perfect Eric Draven. I will still see the reboot but it will have to be truly amazing to surpass the original.

  34. Chris says:

    I would have liked to see Sam Witwer play the new crow like the creator of the comic book wanted.

  35. stephen spencer says:

    Anything is possible, but another thing that would be cool is a anime show of the crow, sense there are several comics to it.