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The Collection: Pacino, Woody, Bruce Willis, and a Mind-Bending Music Video’s new repository of randomness, The Collection, is back with another pile of good stuff that kinda stacked up in the corner of this place while we were busy. Got some good ones this round, including some Hollywood big names doing what they do best, or at least most often; a music video that’s, well, hard to describe, and another that will bring a knowing smile to Game of Thrones fans and the people who love them; an alert about some free Star Trek viewing for you; and an interesting art/history project that uses something you may not even realize still exists.


Nelson Carvajal, whose supercuts we’ve seen before, offers this compendium of Al Pacino screaming moments (HT: Mashable):

I know, I’m late to posting Winny Puhh, the band who did this on an Estonian TV talent show and who, in the process, may have made the Last Music Video Ever, but I’m still gonna post it, because I have no idea what the hell I’m watching with this one:

Can you resist a video called “Everybody Wants to Kill Bruce Willis”? Neither can I, so when our own James Miller alerted me to this, I had to spread it. It’s ten minutes of (many famous) people from 39 movies trying to kill our hero, plus some cameo appearances from cats and the short route across Central Park:

And the selfsame James Miller also, ah, found, um, this Huffington Post supercut of Woody Allen stammering, ah, 44 minutes’ worth, which tells you, um, ah, both how much he, mmm, stammers and, uh, how many movies he’s made. Credit Oliver Noble and Ben Craw for doing an editing job that probably drove them crazy:

Oh, yeah, while I’m thinking of it, our friends at Hulu are making every Star Trek episode available for free through Sunday (March 31st), celebrating the birthday of both William Shatner and Captain James T. Kirk (March 22nd, so you should send a “belated” card). That includes episodes from the original series and TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. You can see ’em by clicking this link, and, yes, it’s U.S. only, and that has to do with intellectual property rights and copyright and let’s not go there. Here, if you’re in the U.S., watch one now:

Our friends at the Axis of Awesome crossed Game of Thrones with a song reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine and got “Rage of Thrones” (NSFW):

And how about this ad agency-generated art project in which you can dial a toll free number from any of the remaining pay phones in Manhattan, and get an oral history message about what life was like in that neighborhood — down to the street — in 1993? The messages are from people as varied as actor Chazz Palminteri and notorious New York cable access superstar Robin Byrd to random locals. The Recalling 1993 project by the Droga5 agency is tied into an exhibit called “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star,” and I would be pedantic, I suppose, to point out that the Sonic Youth album of that title came out in 1994 (although that would mean they recorded it in 1993, right? So… never mind) (HT: Ad Week):

Contributing: Charlene Jimenez, Rebecca Lando, James Miller

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