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The Collection: Ode to Glenn, Space Stuff, and Gaming Stuff Galore

Here’s more from the Collection.

First, YOMYOMF has this stirring ode to Glenn on The Walking Dead, and there are details from the first three seasons, in case you’re behind, so beware:

Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield is up on the International Space Station doing stuff on video to show students how everyday things are different up there. Here, he wrings out a wash cloth:

And shaves:

And cooks spinach:

And gets sick, or at least describes how you throw up in space:

And brushes his teeth:

And shows off some of his pictures from up there, and how he takes them:

What do you get when you combine live-action filmmaking and video games? I mean, besides TRON. Or Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the Mario Bros. Or Mortal Kombat. Or… okay, fine, there have been bunches. But not Dead Space, until Eric Zaragoza got hold of it:

Games, you say? How about the trailer for Bethesda’s The Evil Within? It’s being developed by Tango Gameworks under the direction of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. No game play here, just blood and guts and ew:

More games, this one on a special level of coolness: Mashable reports that the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles now have a Game Design merit badge. It hasn’t been approved nationally, so it’s just here for now, but it’s about time:

In the long parade of “My Grandmother Tries…” videos, here’s a grandma trying the Oculus Rift. “Oh, man,” she says. Which is what you’d say, too. You know, age doesn’t mean you’re not capable of experiencing new things and being engaged and interested. And if you’re inclined to make fun of old people, remember, someday, if you’re lucky….:

And why not the Game of Thrones theme played by Lyle Anderson (not our own Kyle Anderson, sadly) on the University of Wisconsin – Madison carillon? Why, certainly:

Aaaahhhh. Nice.

Contributor: Charlene Jimenez

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