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The Collection: Bullets, Masks, and a Geek Girl Anthem

Collection200x200Got a few videos in The Collection today while I keep trying to recover from Comic-Con. (Several hours in Hall H on the last day followed by a two-and-a-half hour drive the long way around through drizzle and heavy traffic — hello, Lake Elsinore! — will do things to you….) So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Hey, wanna see a slow motion video of a bullet traveling underwater? Of course you do, and the Slow Mo Guys are nothing if not obliging. This was shot at 27,000 fps and the trail looks pretty bizarre that way. (Jump to the 2:45 mark or so to skip the preliminaries, then to the 5:30 mark for a REALLY cool trail. (HT: Laughing Squid)

While we were away, Pete Holmes made another appearance on Conan and discussed a moment of Seussian joy at airport security. Pete also rolls out his Tracy Morgan impression, so there’s even more reason to watch.

In case you missed Matt Smith walking the Comic-Con exhibit floor in a Bart Simpson mask, here it is, replete with Matt’s American accent, albeit muffled by latex.

Don’t have video of Bryan Cranston walking through Hall H in a Walter White mask, but he walked within a few inches away from me and a) the mask was creepy as hell, and b) the thought DID cross my mind that it was Bryan himself. And so it was. I suppose masks are the only way a celebrity can make it through the convention center without having to stop every 50 feet or so for a fan to take a “HEY, LOOK WHO I MET!” selfie.

And, finally, The Doubleclicks’ song “Nothing to Prove” is a declaration of strength by geek/nerd (let’s not quibble over terminology anymore, okay?) girls who face skepticism but, indeed, have nothing to prove to establish their geek cred. The video, with some prominent male and female geek cameos (Wil’s message is pure Wil), includes a lot of women making their own statements, and it’s pretty awesome (HT: The Mary Sue):

History of Thrones: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the First Woman to Sit on the Iron Throne

History of Thrones: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the First Woman to Sit on the Iron Throne




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  1. Jay says:

    So good. Thanks for sharing. This is SO important, especially as geek culture is becoming so visible and more people are embracing their geek flags and joining our ranks.

  2. lkeke35 says:

    Hey Spencer, I feel you!

    I’ve had my very existence as a black woman questioned just because I’m a geek girl and I honestly can’t say which feels worse, the gatekeeping and surprise by men in general because I know anything at all or the sneering contempt of other PoC.

    You know what, I”ll take the surprise and the gatekeeping.

    Oh, the irony!

  3. Spencer says:

    I almost cried when I saw the little girl with sign she wants to an astronaut. That Nothing to prove video is really touching. I’m part black and have always been questioned whether or not I’m really a “real black” person. I wish the whole world can see this video.