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The Chovlog: Super Happy Fun Extreme Japanese Candy Time!

I’ve been really pooping the bed lately with my lack of Choblog posts. I’ve got valid excuses tho! We’ve been doing a TON of skits:

Our Custom Xbox Controller Contest & Skin-suit skit.

The Dragonball Z Xenoverse skit. (I don’t know how you cosplayers do it all day! SO UNCOMFORTABLE.)

And finally….

The Announcement of our Nerdist Xbox One App!

Oh yeah, and I almost died of a booger induced sinus cavity hemorrhage on set.

Despite the abundance of Nerdist filming and the lack of Choblog compositions, I HAVE been streaming and uploading a bunch of Minecraft project vids (you can find them over at my personal YouTube page) for fun and have been toying with the idea of doing a new video segment called: SUPER HAPPY FUN EXTREME JAPANESE CANDY TIME!



The first Japanese candy experiment was with Popin’Cookins’ mini ice cream shaped/DIY fun cake candies collection! What makes these videos even more intriguing is that I have NO idea how to read the direction and go by visual clues alone! Dan Casey and Matt Grosinger volunteered (kinda’) to be guinea pigs for me.

Next up? Popin’Cookins’ DIY Sushi Kit!


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  1. Orionsangel says:

    I love your enthusiasm, Jess! lol. Good job considering the instructions are in Japanese. It must be well packaged too because for the waffle cones to survive that long trip without breaking. Super Happy Fun Time!