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The CHOBLOG: New Nintendo 3DS XL Unboxing and Pictures from the Nintendo Direct Event

Hey folks!

Happy to announce my official CHOBLOG schedule! The CHOBLOG will be a weekly post, going live on Thursdays between noon PST & 3pm PST (giving me a workable window just in case something pops up). Today is a special exception, but going forward that will be the general timeframe. I think this is going to be a lot of fun and please, please make sure and post in the comments because I will def.   be reading what you have to say and responding so we can enjoy each other’s discourse (that sounds kind of filthy).

if you’ve been following me on Twitter (or have already watched today’s Nerdist News) you know that I was in San Francisco yesterday to cover the Nintendo Direct event.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a preview event and I had forgotten how much fun they are. Plus, Nintendo really knows how to do them well; not only do they provide you with amazing Mario-themed cookies, BUT they’re also never overcrowded, so you don’t feel the need to jostle for space. They also provide plenty of people to answer any questions you might have, as well as a substantial amount of hardware so that everyone can get a decent amount of hands-on time with both the systems and the titles.


As you’re probably already aware, they also handed out the New 3DS XL to those in attendance. I had already started taking pics during the event, so I’ll post those first with my unboxing to sign us out 🙂


When I took this, most people were at lunch hence the sparsity of people at the kiosks. Reminds me of what it looks like inside a Virgin America flight…but with awesome games and not just the unplayable version of DOOM on the in-seat entertainment that constantly freezes during your take-off. (It happens a lot. Believe me).


Up close of the left-hand thumbstick. Not much to look at but VERY reactive to touch and extremely helpful to control the camera within the games – Also PERFECT for Smash fans.


The wireless switch is now missing from the side of the system! So, where did it go?????


Here it is! Sneaky little thing…. To find it: Go to your home screen. There, in the upper left-hand corner will be a menu icon. Click on that and then scroll down until you see the above image. PRESTO-CHANGE-O!


Here’s an image of me. Just because.


Here’s a pic of what I listened to on the way home. Just because. *snicker*  (but for real, I listened to it).



2,500-Year-Old Ancient Greek Shipwreck Was Discovered

2,500-Year-Old Ancient Greek Shipwreck Was Discovered

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Aaron Rodgers

Superheroes Enjoying Girl Scout Cookies at The Oscars

Superheroes Enjoying Girl Scout Cookies at The Oscars



  1. Brendon says:

    You’re awesome jess loving nerdist great job team.:-)

  2. Perry says:

    I might go find a job which requires a lot of travelling, because it looks amazing and I want it!

  3. hamzah al-Jundī says:

    You know what. I’ve not a DS before. But this things looks pretty cool. It all depends on the content of course. 
    Being a 90s kid [yeaaaa for the 90s], I remember the old 3DO, Jaguar 64 both of which died not because of lack of hardware but due to lack of software. Nintendo always have cool and very unique content…
    though the last gen. I didn’t purchase anything Nintendo-i, instead opting for a Sony and Microsoft system. But this new year, I dunno. I feel like going back to my roots. 🙂
    00:15, very funny!! And it’s just my opinion, darker hair compliments your skin tone and face more than the lighter shade.
    Keep killing it chobot!!

    • If 2014 is any example and they keep the title trends going for 2015, I think a WiiU isn’t a terrible purchase if you’ve got the cash & looking to get back into the Nintendo arena. Keep in mind that it still isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or the Xbox One but still, is it about HOW the game looks or HOW much fun you’re having with it, you know? 

  4. DrLuv2Nut says:

    What a hottie!!!

  5. Max Power says:

    Came here after commenting on today’s Nerdist News. Didn’t know that red was one of the available colors at launch for this new 3DS. This changes everything. I do want this, but I have a 3DS XL. Maybe I should wait for a bundle version in red? How ’bout this, if the Packers win this Sunday I will buy it, if they lose I’ll wait. There. Solved my conundrum. GO PACK GO!!!

    • Jessica says:

      Sounds like a solid plan of action to me!

      • Max Power says:

        Well, since the Packers lost I’m gonna have to wait on getting this “new” 3DS. Gotta stick to my word.

         By the way, for some reason I can’t sign in to my google + that’s shown right above my 1st comment. A separate window pops saying that I can’t access this page directly. Just thought you guys should know.