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The Brutal Moments of GAME OF THRONES in Adorable GIF Form

NOTE: The nature of some of these gifs reside within the realm of Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers so, you know, be warned and such. 

There’s something beautiful about breaking things down to their simplest forms. If an idea can still be conveyed in the barest of bones way then it’s a good sign the source material is telling a good story. With six seasons inside the world of Game Of Thrones, some of the many, many plots can get a bit confusing. And while you can catch up in great detail with our resident GOT Maester Mike Walsh going through the entire series in the coming months, these GOT gifs can serve as the TL:DR version of the latest season.

Created by illustrator and animator Eran Mendel and brought to our attention by a recent post on The Creators Project, each of the 10 gifs below were made for each episode of season six and depict some of the vital information of each episode.

The Red Woman – “The Red Woman”

Clearly one of the most eye-opening moments of the season opener is the secret Melisandre has been keeping from everyone that she is in fact, a Golden Girl.

Home – “Hodor=>Willis=>Hodor”

In episode two we got a glimpse of the past and the sad truth that Hodor wasn’t always Hodor.

Oathbreaker – “A girl has no name (and no weapon)”

A girl might have no name but she certainly has a breaking point, which the waif eventually paid for dearly.

Book of the Stranger – “The Unburnt”

There’s a part of us that wishes Daenerys’ triumphant defeat of, well, everyone of the Khals ended this happy-go-lucky.

The Door – “Bran has a new buddy”

We’re still blaming the Three-eyed Raven for not going over the ground rules of time-travling warging on the first day, but we’re glad Mendel didn’t decide to animate the most heartbreaking act of bravery and sacrifice in the show yet.

Blood of My Blood – “Uncle Benjen – a one trick pony?”

We’re guessing that Uncle Benjen’s flaming mace only came into play this late in the game due to his fire dancing skills being booked solid at arts festivals beyond the wall for months.

The Broken Man -“The Hound’s wishful thinking”

Appropriately named “The Hound’s wishful thinking,” this serves as some possible foreshadowing to a battle we’re all hoping for.

No One – “Sparrows vs The Mountain”

A fairly accurate depiction of the Sparrows attempts to subdue Gregor Clegane. Too bad we never got to see the trial by combat.

Battle of the Bastards – “Bye Bye Bastard”

There may not be a more adorable way to depict one of the more gruesome moments of season six. This is almost a sweet scene if you had no context for Ramsay Bolton’s final moments.

The Winds of Winter – “Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!”

And then there’s this depiction that’s considerably more mild than the horrors The Mountain is likely committing for Cersei.

These visual CliffsNotes of season six are absolutely fantastic and we only hope Eran Mendel continues them for future seasons and even other shows. Be sure to take a look at the massive amount of other animated work Mendel has on his website, and even some bonus GOT content on his Facebook page.

What scenes would you want to see in this format? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Eran Mendel

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