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THE BLACKLIST’s Megan Boone Can’t Wear James Spader’s Hats & 7 Finale Takeaways

It’s true: Megan Boone’s head is too big to wear one of the myriad hats in James Spader’s impressive collection. (You heard it here first, folks!) And no, it’s not at all in the metaphorical sense. Apparently The Blacklist star has a big ol’ noggin (join the club). While hanging out with the actress at a lunch with several other journo-types last week in Los Angeles, the NBC star managed to drop a few hints — and silly asides — about the series’ finale and second season future. Considering that said final season one episode airs tonight at 10PM on NBC, we thought it best to share those all-important with you, the series’ adoring fans. Y’know, before Berlin shows up and tears all of this to the ground.

There Are Relationship Changes

“[Red’s] relationship with the FBI is similar, but now obviously it’s more complicated. He still has answers they need to stop a major catastrophe, and that major catastrophe is Berlin. In their mind, he has information about Berlin that they need in order to stop civilian casualties and a huge catastrophe in New York City. He still has leverage.”

Tom Isn’t Going Anywhere

That’s a touchy subject.”

And He’s Also Got Some Explainin’ to Do

“Tom has already said, ‘I am accountable to Berlin.’ He has information about Berlin that we don’t have. There is something very, very surprising about Tom’s involvement in the finale.”

Liz Can’t Avoid Realities Any Longer

“In the beginning she was very naive — she had the wool pulled over her eyes. …These new challenges have introduced to her a truth about life and the dark underbelly of the world that she never knew existed. …She always had an inkling, but she was always turning away from that inkling. Now she is head-on, full-force involved in the dark side of things.”

The Finale Changes Everything

“It leaves you in a place where you get a sense of where we’re going for Season 2, and it’s exciting. It’s a new direction.”

There Will Be Deaths

Boone would only hint at such things, but the series’ creator Jon Bokencamp confirmed as such in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, stating: “I won’t confirm any deaths, but there is a body count in the finale.”

Season 2 Will Bring The Ensemble Closer Into The Fold

“Season 2 will partially be about exploring the ensemble too, breathing a lot more life into the group and the tactical team and what is in their past. On The Blacklist no one is who we think they are, and that’s a theme that I think has made the show very interesting.”

So — who’s ready to tune into the finale of The Blacklist tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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