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The Biggest Hollywood Bloopers that Made the Cut

Film making can be a tough business. A lot of time and energy gets spent planning, creating, and executing a massive collaborative effort that hinges on everyone involved believing in the project. Well, that or believing in the paycheck that will come afterward. Many times when making a film, however, things will go wrong for all sorts of reasons. This will usually lead to exceeded budgets, reshoots, or even recasting.

But on rare occasions production bloopers can lead to some unforgettable movie moments. A new video released by Screen Rant takes a look at some such moments in major Hollywood productions that viewers may, or may not, have known weren’t planned.

A few of the moments on the list, like Leonardo DiCaprio actually cutting himself during the dinner scene of Django Unchained, or Dustin Hoffman’s “I’m walkin’ here” moment in Midnight Cowboy, are well known. The one that surprised me the most was the moment from Zoolander in which Ben Stiller forgot his line. The moment is played out so well by all of the actors it really felt like a moment straight from the script. It was also quite frightening to see the failed stunt from Back To The Future Part II. Despite how many times I have seen the film, it’s something shocking that I never noticed. If anything can be taken away from a horrible on-set injury like that, it is the reminder that stunts need to be planned, tested, and filmed more than once.

What was the most surprising flub you saw in the video? Do you know of any that Screen Rant left out? Let us know in the comments below!

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