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The BET Awards Mark Chris Rock’s Return to Award Hosting

One of the most recognizable names in stand-up comedy is finally returning to the art form that helped launch his career. Chris Rock has already announced that he will go on the Black Plague tour later this year, but this past weekend he made his first televised performance in quite some time (outside of some fun late night appearances) by hosting this year’s BET Awards. Hopefully, we’ll get to see much more of Rock strutting back and forth across the stage and laying down his material like it’s the undeniable truth.

Ten years have almost passed since Rock’s last hosting gig, which just happened to be The 77th Academy Awards in 2005. MTV’s Video Music Awards also enlisted the talents of Chris Rock as a host a number of times in the early 2000s. Some speculate that Rock only hosted The Oscars once because the Academy didn’t like how different the telecast was in tone from past ceremonies hosted by the likes of Billy Crystal.

For this year’s BET Awards, Rock, confident and unflappable as ever, took the stage in one sharp looking three piece suit and showed no signs of any sort of rust. His monologue went through the obligatory jokes targeting the various movies, TV shows, and celebrities that are nominated and in attendance, respectively, but he also touched on the Donald Sterling controversy right as he closed to a big laugh and applause break. Chris was also censored plenty for explicit language, a welcome addition to the largely touchy landscape of awards shows.

While the rumors that Chris going on tour with Dave Chappelle never really materialized, we should all be happy that Chris Rock is back with a mic in hand.

What other hosting duties would like to see Chris Rock take over? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. j5150m says:

    why is the White Entertainment Television awards racist but the Black entertainment televison awards not?

  2. bonnie says:

    C, but I’m always Team-Dave first and foremost. For Dave fans, an article that is insightful and entertaining.