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The Best Pieces of Flair Feature Carrie Fisher

The Best Pieces of Flair Feature Carrie Fisher

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It’s only been two months since Carrie Fisher’s passing and we’re still getting used to the loss. Artists have channeled their sorrow into creative art tributes as a way to show how much she is missed.

Many of them feature her most well-known character (Princess Leia from Star Wars, obviously) with a fun slant using everything from enamel to wood– and even elaborate Swarovski crystals–all creatively honoring Carrie Fisher in their own way. Check out the designs below and pin one on your jacket as a remembrance of the brilliance of Carrie Fisher.

Leia Pin For Charity by Edge of Print
This enamel pin was created as an homage to Carrie Fisher’s iconic A New Hope style. A portion of this pin’s sale will go to The International Bipolar Foundation. The first run of this pin donated a portion of the proceeds to The Thalians, a mental health advocacy group of which the late Debbie Reynolds was the president since 1957.

Wood Leia Pin by Hello Miss May
I adore the look of this brooch, styled after a kawaii Princess Leia her sweet face looks calm and serene. Made of wood, this pin definitely will stand out among all the others as you show off your love of Star Wars and Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher Pin by Pin Em Up Designs
This hand-drawn pin on shrink plastic is one of the rare pins that feature a more recent version of Carrie Fisher rather than one of her characters. It sports a quote from her book, Wishful Drinking, but can be customized to any of Fisher’s memorable sayings.

Leia for President Pin by Darryl Young
The election may be over but Princess Leia will always be the candidate of our hearts. This fun pin is a large 2.25-inch badge that would look great on a convention lanyard.

Steampunk Leia Pin by Designs By Friston
I love this steampunk twist on a young Princess Leia. The sepia tone image somehow fits perfectly with the vintagey steampunk style. This unique version of Leia is a creative pin that would work for an elegant occasion or everyday cosplay.

Which of these is your favorite? Do you have any Carrie Fisher flair we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Edge of Print, Hello Miss May, Pin Em Up Designs, Darryl Young, Designs By Friston?

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