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The Best of SDCC Cosplay is Here in New Montage Video

I just spent five full days at Comic-Con in San Diego (I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the floor on Wednesday), and while there I saw thousands and thousands of cosplayers in person (including roughly 400 Harley Quinns). In the convention center, on the street, in every restaurant, bar, hotel, and bathroom I entered there were scores of people dressed as their favorite video game, movie, television, and cartoon characters.

To fully appreciate the scope of the cosplay community and the massive crush of humanity that is Comic-Con though, watch this outstanding montage (set to “The Weekend” by Allen Stone) of some of the very best get-ups from the Nerd Super Bowl, put together by Sneaky Zebra in conjunction with Loot Crate.

What’s crazy? For every amazing costume you see here, I basically didn’t, which should give you some perspective on just how many people show up to the event dressed in character. Since I’ve left San Diego, I’ve found myself looking through galleries of some of the best, angry with myself that I missed this one or that. But I also know I witnessed some that haven’t been celebrated yet that deserve just as much praise, but the sheer number of people doing it is just so massive it is impossible to get them all.

It’s also worth noting that even though it was San Diego, it was not only really hot but incredibly muggy there, so know that the people in the big, heavy, complicated costumes made a real commitment to help set the tone and tenor of the event, which feels like the happiest place in the world (even if you can’t get anywhere and then have to stand in line when you do).

Comic-Con wouldn’t be the weekend it is without all the cosplayers adding so much flair, creativity, and talent to the proceedings. I just wish instead of thousands and thousands I could have seen them all.

But hey, there’s always next year.

Which cosplay from SDCC 2016 is your favorite?

Images: Sneaky Zebra

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