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The Best is Yet to Kill in New Extended SUPERNATURAL Trailer

When last we left the Winchester boys of Supernatural, Dean had just recovered from being a demon right before going all Rambo on a group of baddies thanks to the Mark of Cain that continues torturing him. All this happened while Crowley was currently dealing with some issues of his own after reconnecting with his mother, a witch named Rowena. Now, heading into the back half of season 10 – which has just been confirmed for a season eleven pick-up by The CW – everyone’s on edge while trying figure out how to cure Dean and what to do with the king of hell’s mommy. And that’s made no clearer than in this brand new extended trailer the networks just released through Variety:

“The best is yet to kill” couldn’t be a better tagline to get us excited for the spring run of one of our favorite shows on television.

Also, there’s something truly great about knowing there’s a nice dose of Metatron headed our way in the coming episodes as he is one of the show’s best new characters of the last few years. Tortured at first, evil in the present, and an all around great guy to watch. Much like Crowley, he may be a sadistic bad guy, but boy is he a hoot.

Thus far, Supernatural shows no signs of slowing down despite being on the tenth year of its run, and that’s totally cool with us because there’s nothing wrong with more Winchester madness in our books.

Supernatural returns this Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

What do you think of the new trailer for Supernatural? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Elisha S says:

    I am not emotionally prepared and yet super excited. Which pretty well sums up my relationship with the show in a nutshell.