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The Best Fake Nerd News We Saw This April Fool’s

Today reminds us, as always, that the best April Fool’s jokes may tip their hat quite obviously, but are mostly genuinely funny rather than just a cheap fakeout. Since, traditionally, the foolin’ around is supposed to stop at noon, we’re taking a moment here to round up some of the best…and we’ll keep updating as we find more.

Naturally, we went all-in on the fun with a little switcheroo. Part one is above; part two below:

Elsewhere on the web…




Berkeley Breathed and Bill Watterson announced the merger of Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes, even going so far as to draw an entire strip that’s just as amazing as you’d hope, and announce it on a fake New York Times page.

Speaking of Calvin and Hobbes, you’d watch that, right?




ThinkGeek, of course, had their usual array of fake products that, if history tells us anything, may in some cases become real eventually, like the Tentacuddle Wrap (featured image, above). Unfortunately, they’re not likely to make these VHS copies of the misremembered, didn’t-actually-exist cult classic Shazam into an actual movie. College Humor, however, recreated a scene:





We’d actually buy this Mezco action figure that they sent out a fake press release for. But toy technology isn’t at that level…yet.


No, George Takei is not actually running for office to unseat Devin Nunes.


IGN’s Jim Vejvoda Tweeted out an all-too-believable scoop.


Google‘s looking to conquer your garden…

…not to mention a new kind of virtual reality, and even Mars. And that’s in addition to unleashing Ms. Pac-Man onto Google Maps.




Hulu created “Hu” for the short-attention span viewer.



Paul Feig wants to induce more panic attacks in GhostBros.




The Smithsonian reported live unicorns in the wild.



Eden Studios announced a Zoolander role-playing game.




Injustice 2 teased a certain “activation.”



Dunkin Donuts teased that “Vanilla Nut Taps,” as featured on Saturday Night Live, would be for sale today.



The new Angry Birds game looks familiar.

Netflix Live looked at first like it was misssing the point, then delivered a 50-minute Will Arnett video that’s probably only going to be up for one day.

Del Taco’s gag is, in real life, something we’ve heard people actually do by choice.

Bruce Campbell as Cable?

And of course Rick and Morty basically won the day.

It’s not a prank per se, but we’d be remiss not to include this:

What April Fool’s jokes have we missed that you’ve loved? Comment below or hit us up on Facebook and we’ll add them to the thread!

(Blake Rodgers, Jenn Fujikawa, and Nerdist readers Amanda Arendale Sykes, Marie Gandara, Maximillian de Winter, Shauna Reynolds, and Richard Brister contributed tips to this post)

Images: Thinkgeek, Hulu, Berkeley Breathed/Facebook, Mezco Toyz, Rankin-Bass, Paramount, Warner Bros. Interactive, Dunkin Donuts

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