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The Band Behind STRANGER THINGS Has a Spooky New Song

If you too have been humming the catchy, wordless theme music from Stranger Things for the last month, then rejoice: the band behind the Netflix show’s score, S U R V I V E, has released a brand new brooding, lyric-less synth track for you to try to imitate. Below, check out “Wardenclyffe” from their upcoming album RR7349.

And if you also waited with bated breath for both volumes of the Stranger Things soundtrack to be released, then you are going to enjoy the latest effort from their entire band. Only Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the full four-person band composed music for Stranger Things, so I imagine S U R V I V E’s new album will have a noticeable dynamic shift. And you can sense that in “Wardenclyffe,” though it exists firmly in the same genre. The song, with it’s bleak synth-y sprawls and roiling drones, might have found a home in Stranger Things, but it also extends beyond the overt nostalgic sounds and ’80s pastiche of the show’s score.

If anything, “Wardenclyffe” indicates that RR7349 will explore more industrial sounds and harsher landscapes. From what little we’ve heard of this forthcoming record, (Out Sept. 30) it sounds like it would be best suited for hard sci-fi as the undercurrent for some deep space desperation. In other words, we are looking very forward to this album.

And if you are wondering how this might translate in a live concert setting, then be sure to catch S U R V I V E on their forthcoming tour.

S U R V I V E Tour Dates:

09-30 Austin, TX – Barracuda
10-04 Tucson, AZ – Club Congress
10-05 San Diego, CA – Soda Bar
10-06 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
10-07 San Francisco, CA – Elbo Room
10-08 Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s
10-11 Portland, OR – Holoscene
10-12 Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
10-14 Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst Atrium
10-16 Joshua Tree, CA – Desert Daze Festival
10-26 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
10-27 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
10-28 Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
10-29 Philadelphia, PA – 714 (Making Time)
10-31 Brooklyn, NY – Good Room
11-01 Jersey City, NJ – Monty Hall
11-02 Allston, MA – Great Scott
11-03 Buffalo, NY – Studio at Waiting Room
11-04 Pittsburgh, PA – Spirit Lodge
11-05 Detroit, MI – El Club
11-06 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
12-31 Dallas, TX – It’ll Do

Could Stranger Things‘ Upside Down possibly really exist? Watch below to find out!

Image: Netflix

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