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THE BABADOOK Soundtrack Gets a Suitably Creepy Vinyl Release

THE BABADOOK Soundtrack Gets a Suitably Creepy Vinyl Release

The 2014 Australian film The Babadook is easily on the creepiest and most compelling supernatural thrillers of the past several years. At its core, director Jennifer Kent’s movie is a psychological drama about a mother and her young son dealing with grief, but there really is no denying that the film also just works as a super effective horror movie that gets under your skin in a big way. And that the titular creature is one of the scariest on screen monsters — one that we don’t really ever actually get to see onscreen all that much (but which will give you nightmares just the same).

Half of the creepiness of The Babadook comes from the film’s sound design, and its super creepy score from composer Ted Kurzel. Now, thanks to the folks over at Pitchfork, we have learned that Kurzel’s soundtrack for The Babadook is finally getting a vinyl release.

The soundtrack officially arrives May 9 via Waxwork Records, and the deluxe package comes with 180-gram “black with red haze” colored vinyl. The coolest part however is that the album comes with a recreation of the film’s Mister Babadook pop-up book, with artwork by Jessica Seamans, and liner notes by Kurzel. You can see images of the packaging in our gallery down below.

You can also get a listen to two tracks from Ted Kurzel’s soundtrack (“The Babadook Theme” and “The Babadook End Credits”) as well. But I heartily recommend not doing either right before bedtime, unless you’re a fan of giving yourself the willies and totally creeping yourself out. You can check them both out down below.

Are you excited to see this soundtrack finally get a proper vinyl release? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Entertainent One / IFC Films

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