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The Awesome Story Of Caine’s Arcade

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch this short film about an ingenious little boy who built himself a cardboard arcade in his dad’s East L.A. used auto parts store, a film maker who happened upon it, and the flash mob that turned the arcade into a happening. Really, you should watch it, especially if you need a smile:

Talk about nerdy obsessions. This kid’s ingenuity is astonishing. How can you not love it?

HT: Kotaku

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  1. DefconDan says:

    I’m not normally sappy but his little smile was very cute. Donate folks!

  2. Bonk_P says:

    Not ashamed to admit that this was so touching that I cried a bit – I hope that I’m raising my kids to chase their dreams as hard as Caine.

  3. Tori says:

    Adorable and lovely. I was super impressed by his “security system” for the fun pass. I hope Caine goes on to do even more great things with that fantastic mind of his.

  4. MarkiMark says:

    To all parents, This is why I feel you should never give your child any ipods or tablets or any pda type device. Let them make shit and really use that brilliant head!

  5. Lu says:

    So sweet. What creativity! I totally teared up by the end.

  6. No tears….but I put my money where this kid’s brain is. Imagine what he’ll be able to accomplish once he learns what the “checkmark” button on a calculator REALLY does…

  7. Mario says:

    Oh that is so cool! I teared up at the end.

  8. Tim says:

    Wow that was incredibly touching. It is so nice to see a kid with such unbounded imagination and drive and a group of folks who are willing to take a bit of time to make a kid’s day.

  9. Nicole Terk says:

    That made me go all wibbly and girly. Love!

  10. Diarra Harris says:

    This is the power and imagination and effort of a child.

  11. @Wienzer says:

    as the father of twin little mad geniuses I got a little teared up from this

  12. Mo says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing boy!!!!