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The Analog Baba Booey

Audiophiles can debate the merits of vinyl records versus digital formats forever, and Gary Dell’Abate is an audiophile, so he and and Stereophile magazine editor Michael Fremer tackle that very subject on this week’s episode of the Nerdist Channel’s They Call Me Baba Booey. Also on tap: Gary reviews the book “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video” and digs up laser discs in the Gadget Cemetery.

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  1. Boneyardboy says:


    Great job! Keep it up. I love this stuff.

  2. Peirogi Joe says:

    This is the dumbest conversation. Who is the expert? His argument sounds like a junior high book report. Our voices are analog- no xhit. Vinyl, mp3 – who gives a crap what you like. All I remember of vinyl was that it scratched like hell, I couldn’t find good needles anywhere, and I had to balance a penny on the needle arm to keep Kansas Leftoverture from skipping. The big pile of them that would tip over, get warped from the radiators. Screw vinyl. There are reasons mp3 was developed that has nothing to do with the creation of vinyl. Comparing them. Listen to what you want and keep your opinions to yourself.

  3. Kevin says:

    Great shows Gary. Maybe you could do recreations or a tour explaining how you have your own networks/systems set up. Keep up the good work

  4. jeff says:

    Not quiet great yet, but showing much improvement. Each is episode getting better. Keeping it coming

  5. Ty Webb says:

    I agree with the previous t-shirt comment. Try to be a little professional and wear an undershirt. You’re like 50 something – be a little professional.

  6. li says:

    Hey Gar, great job, don’t let Howard get you down. I’ll be watching!

  7. CJ says:

    I am enjoying every week’s episode from Gary Dell’Abate ….

    The day Howard Stern retires? (which I will regret), I know Gary and Fred Norris can host their own techie / trivia show …

  8. Chaka Cohen says:

    Gary- Not everybody has to be Howard Stern. Good job and glad to hear your take on new technology!
    That said, don’t hire Ralph, but the open collar aside, I recommend foregoing the big shirt (which makes you look like Homer Simpson), but add a jacket.

  9. Anthony says:

    Better and better each time.

    With the YouTube upload tsunami, I think it’s time to look into video recording equipment to give some pointers to would-be videographers. Things to look for in recording devices and post processing software would be informative. And NO, I’m not trying to make pR0n, though I’m not totally against it.

  10. Gary Hatch says:

    BTW, loved your book, got the Kindle version, I thought the gadget lover’s book would be best read ON a gadget!

  11. Gary Hatch says:

    Some confusion may exist as to the digital formats, as MP3 (the compressed format that is not true to the original), WAV, PCM (CD) . Music absolutely sounds better analog than MP3, but CD’s (Pulse Code Modulation) and WAV’s have all analog formats beaten. Records are heavily equalized, (think RIAA Eq. Curve), whereas CD’s are not. Some music mastered for LP’s must be re-eq’d to transfer well to a pure audio format that needs no such compensation., masters made for vinyl will sound bad on CD for that reason. That said Direct To Disk vinyl sound fantastic. No tape machine in the loop, they cut the lacquer master right from the sound board.

  12. gene says:

    1. Is it true that laserdiscs look better than DVDs?
    2. I’ll take that laserdisc stuff off your hands, if the price is free. 😀

  13. Peter says:

    Hey gary, you gotta work on your teleprompter reading skills. You look like a deer caught in headlight and howard is right, ya gotta slow down. Talk to fast. Its gotta appear more natural as you talk to us, your audience.

  14. Randal says:

    Very cool !! You are doing a great job!!

  15. Kevin says:

    Gary, I like the show BUT, please wear a T-shirt under your shirts. We don’t need to see your chest hair and nipples through your shirt. I would also like to see a segment on the APP revolution. APP’s have been grown well beyond cell phones. There are part of most technology, gaming systems, TV’s, DVD players, etc. Thanks

  16. John Jacobson says:

    Gary – your show is great. Do not listen to Howard. Howard cannot stand anyone having any success outside the sphere of his influence. That is why he has such an issue with Stuttering John and Jay Leno. Howard had him doing humiliating interviews and constantly berated him. Jay gave him a professional job and treated him with respect – this is something Howard could not forgive. Keep it up I am enjoying and learning form your podcasts.