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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 2/28

Had not Clip Cup 3.0 featuring our fearless leader, Chris Hardwick, not been already posted here at, it most assuredly would have been included in this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos. Premeditated irreverence gets appreciated a lot on this weekly rundown of what I’ve found to be hilarious amidst the jungles of the blogosphere, just like the following that includes Generation Y getting dissed, Kenny Powers, and an insane trailer for “Movie”.

1. The Venture Bros.’ James Urbaniak launches an assault of sarcasm(?) as a representative of Gen-X against Alison Agosti who just wanted to chat on Urbaniak’s Topic A.

2. Nothing more needs to be said about Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie than it has Tom Hanks as a robotic lawyer. Enjoy.

3. Jay Larson got to spread his hilarity and Charles Dickens references on Conan.


4. Paul Rudd takes a stroll down childhood candy memory lane with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. NOTE: The video doesn’t seem to be working at Comedy Central’s website at the moment, and the Hulu clip isn’t allowing embedding, either. Just go to Hulu and check it out if it’s available to you. It’s worth the hassle. If it starts to work again, we’ll have it here.

5. Eastbound & Down is back and, in case y’all haven’t heard, Kenny Powers is the MFCEO (motherfuckin’ CEO) of K-Swiss, as shown in the ad for the new K-Swiss Blades.

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