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The 5 Best Underground Albums of June 2017

This month’s edition of Bandcamping goes all over the musical map; We went through Bandcamp and found what we think are the best albums released on the platform in June, and we got everything from pop to krautrock to… emo trap. Trust us, it’s a real thing. Check out what we mean below.

5. black faxes by black faxes

black faxes

Genre: ambient, drone, experimental
If you like: This Will Destroy You, Stars Of The Lid

Ambient music, especially drone, is all about vibe and tone, so if you don’t hit it right, then you’ll have a flop on your hands. Fortunately for black faxes, the mood is just right, desolate enough to let your mind fill the void but interesting enough to make you want to insert yourself in the negative space.

4. Lighten The Way A Bit by Depraved Messenger

depraved messenger

Genre: emo, trap
If you like: ?

Emo trap isn’t something that sounds like it would make sense, but that’s where Japanese musician Depraved Messenger proves us wrong. Admittedly, it sounds a bit clumsy for a split second, but once you settle into a groove, it sounds natural in a way that’s tough to explain. The trap percussion is fun and modern, while the throwback emo vocal melodies are as catchy as they would have been in 2003. This album is hard to pin down, so good on you, Depraved Messenger.

3. Shred The Master Design by Playing To Vapors

playing to vapors

Genre: indie rock
If you like: The Clientele, Local Natives, U2

Playing To Vapors’s greatest asset is their sense of adventure. There’s a real depth to tracks like “Twin Flame,” which has a satisfying low end and borrows equally from the styles of Local Natives and Rush. Through and through, it’s a fun listen from a promising young band.

2. M A N G O L A N E by Mango Lane

mango lane

Genre: indie pop, pop
If you like: Hot Chip, CHVRCHES, Chromeo

This Detroit duo is pop if pop wasn’t always trying to be so attention grabbing. That’s a compliment, hear me out: Pop is often catchy and great, but it’s also often too in-your-face. Mango Lane creates memorable songs, but they’re comfortable falling into a laid back groove that’s a refreshing break from modern, loud, and inescapable pop.

1. Folder by Lød

lod folder

Genre: indie rock, post-punk, krautrock
If you like: Neu!, Television, early U2

Combining the hypnotic motorik drumming of krautrock groups like Neu! with the gloomy post-punk sensibilities of bands like Joy Division, Denmark group Lød makes it sound like those genres never went out of style. We suppose, though, that among a certain sector, they never did: How else can you explain how adept this fivesome is at crafting engaging, forward-driving, 8-minute songs like the title track and “SÃ¥ BlÃ¥”? Appreciators of the style know that this is something special.

Honorable Mentions

TheCircus by TheCircus
Genre: indie pop
If you like: Chromeo

Pastels by Boy King Islands
Genre: electronic, ambient, experimental
If you like: Brian Eno, Aphex Twin

That’s all for June, but until next time, let us know in the comments which of these albums were your favorites, what we missed, and what we should look forward to. If you missed out on May, check it out here (and the complete Bandcamping archives are here).

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