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The 14 Larry David-iest Things Larry David Said During His CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Panel

When Larry David took the stage during the 2017 Summer TV Press Tour on Wednesday afternoon to host a panel about his TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm, it went pretty much exactly how you’d expect Larry David hosting a panel about his TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm to go. And as a result, it was the highlight of my day at the convention.

Dressed casually and slouched in his chair, he gave the most Larry David-iest answers to every question the TV journalists threw at him. So Nerdist decided to round up every Larry David comment that Larry David made throughout the panel.

Enjoy them in all their glory.

1. Will Curb‘s version of Larry David ever become lovable? “No, no he’s not. But fascinating question.”

2. While some people might consider Trump to be similar to Curb‘s version of Larry, David doesn’t agree. “I don’t ever consider myself a prick.”

3. Why bring Curb Your Enthusiasm back now, six years after going off the air? “Mmm … why not? I’m not a misser, so to speak. I don’t really miss things or people that much. But I was missing it and I was missing these idiots. So I thought, ‘Yeah, what the hell?’ And I got tired of people asking me, ‘Is the show coming back?’ I couldn’t face that question anymore and I wasn’t ready to say, ‘No, never.’ I kept saying, ‘Oh you know, maybe, who knows?’ So I thought, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to be asked that anymore.'”

4. When asked if the same method will convince him to return for a tenth season, David pointed at the inquiring journalist and smiled: “Not bad. Not bad.”

5. On constantly saying that Curb Your Enthusiasm was over, despite coming back for nine seasons: “On Seinfeld, I would write season endings to the last show because I didn’t think I’d be back. I like to quit things, too. It’s fun.”

6. On getting back into the swing of things after a six-year hiatus: “I had trouble the first take and I thought, ‘Jeez, I’ve lost it. How am I going to do this?'”

7. On why TV’s Larry David plays so much gold: “I don’t know if you know this, but TV Larry is just about a quarter of an inch away from real Larry.”

8. Do people avoid him in real life? “Unfortunately, they don’t avoid me.”

9. On finding out that Bernie Sanders is actually his relative thanks to going on the show Finding Your Roots, prompted by a reporter: “He’s in the line. Swear to god. They told me not to say anything! I didn’t say a word about this! You just spilled the beans. I thought it would be cool to find out all that stuff. I got Nazis in my family. There are slaveholders. I was very happy about that. I thought there must have been some connection. To Bernie Sanders, not slaveholders. We traced all the lines and everything and they told me that Bernie Sanders is a part of that line. Probably some distant cousin. I love Bernie.”

10. On whether or not he’s on social media: “Alas, no.”

11. When asked about co-star J.B. Smoove: “He doesn’t shut his mouth and I’m shocked, during this panel, he’s been so quiet! I can’t believe it!”

12. When asked about plot lines for upcoming episodes after we’re shown a sizzle reel: “Don’t write about any of those clips.”

13. On whether or not he celebrated turning 70: “Extremely unpleasant. Very unpleasant experience. Thank you for reminding me. There will be no documentaries, suffice it to say.”

14. What’s TV Larry been up to for the last six years? “That’s a trick question!”

Image: HBO

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