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Tesla Officially Launches Its Ridiculous Model X SUV

Tesla, the iconic electric carmaker led by the equally iconic CEO Elon Musk, has officially launched its SUV, the Model X. Although early prototypes had been available for superficial inspection and speculation, it wasn’t until this week that the official production version of the car was revealed. And, spoiler alert, this car is freaking amazing.

First off, there is a “Bio Weapon Defense Mode” (there is literally a button labeled “Bio Weapon Defense Mode”) that prevents nearly 100% of viruses, bacteria, and other noxious gases from entering the car. Musk stated that the air cleanliness levels inside the cabin are comparable to a hospital operating room. So if you’re ever in a Mad Max situation where you can’t stop moving but need to operate on somebody (or give birth to “A little baby brother perfect in every way!”), this is the vehicle you want to be in.

The Model X also sports “Falcon Wing Doors” that open up and over the car, like, you guessed it, bird wings. While this may seem somewhat gimmicky, the doors actually serve myriad practical purposes, and were a big part of the reason the car took so long in production. Perhaps the coolest part of the doors is that they have sensors that allow them to modify their degree of aperture depending on the obstacles surrounding the car.

All of the exceptional aspects of Tesla’s sedan, the Model S, have carried over to the Model X as well. This includes a safety rating that was unheard of until the Model S arrived on the scene, as well as insane speed and handling. The performance version of the Model X would make Doc Brown’s eyes bug out, blazing from 0-60 in a raucous 3.2 seconds.

The only downside to the car is its price. Fully loaded this bad boy will cost north of $130,000. But don’t fret. Tesla and Musk are working on a “Model 3” vehicle that’s due out in 2018, and should cost a much more reasonable $35,000.

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