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Episode 1: Terrified
Kyle Kinane

Terrified #1: Kyle Kinane

In this inaugural episode, Dave Ross interviews Kyle Kinane!  What a sweet man he is.  They talk therapy, the fairness and unfairness of being judgmental, stand-up comedy, growing up nerdy, and their friend Bryan.  Also, Dave stutters.

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  1. Key-kun says:

    Yo sick podcast!!! Mad props to Hardwick for picking up this shit!!! Best shit ever! Delicious!

  2. kitty says:


  3. kitty says:

    meow meow meow meow…..meow

  4. jgalley says:

    awesome first podcast man. Miss ya on Sex Nerd Sandra. Show just isn’t the same (not saying Sandra isn’t doing a great job, but it just isn’t the same.)

    I’ll definitely be making Terrified one of the podcasts I’m sure to keep up with.

  5. blackstar says:

    Great show. But I disagree with the characterization of hipsters as “curators” of culture rather than creators. You guys seem to only be talking about creating music (although creating and distributing music is as easy as ever), but overall DIY is a huge part of hipster cred- brewing your own beer, growing your own food, etc.

  6. OneInchDeep says:

    As a real professional troll Im getting sick of these wannabe internet ones. REAL TROLLS wont bother unless you try to cross their bridge, then you just have to answer 3 questions and you can be on your merry way (of course if you get any of those questions wrong I will be forced to tear you limb from limb and eat your flesh, but don’t hate the player hate the game)…. But really fuck these fake ass internet trolls, I bet they don’t even belong to a union.

  7. Tanya D. says:

    Oh Dave, I like you, you totally don’t suck! And thank goodness you are back in my ears every week. I want to loop your voice saying “Terrified!!”, play it thru a woofer speaker, straddle the speaker and enjoy myself. Like that chic in the Howard Stern movie – is screaming your name too creepy?

  8. Rebecca Nelson says:

    Ha! I was gonna say that I kissed Dave while my dad filmed it, but I thought better of it.

  9. We still have the VHS

  10. Rebecca Nelson says:

    I kissed Dave in a High School Play. True Story. I am not ashamed. I should be, but then…I have no shame. Good job, Dave. One the show and the kiss.

  11. NinjaJimmy says:

    I’ve seen Dave nude and I’m not impressed.

  12. Rev says:

    Love the sweepers!!! LOL!!!!!

  13. Jackson says:

    Dave to the Ross! So glad to be able to hear him talk again every week.

  14. Kevin "Cookies" Alstrup says:

    I know Dave from a bathroom stall in Fresno.

  15. Anthony Pickett says:

    I LOVE IT!

  16. Justin Lentz says:

    So Good, I could listen to Dave and Kyle talked all day

  17. This podcast more than lived up to the hype I made for it in my head! A stellar first episode. I feel Terrified will very quickly become one of my favorite podcasts on the Nerdist network.