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Tenacious D Announces Festival Supreme 2015 Lineup

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Festival Supreme’s lineup has been announced and there’s so much to be excited about!

The show that’s equal parts concerts and comedy sets has knocked our socks off in years past and always has that special stamp that only Tenacious D can put on it. For example, here’s one of the announcements for 2014’s Festival Supreme:

Although we’ve got our fingers crossed we see some great YouTube content for THIS year’s event, the announcement of the lineup has got us beyond thrilled. The comedy lineup features Amy Poehler, Jenny Slate, Morgan Murphy, Nathan Fielder, Finesse Mitchell, Nick Thune, as well as The Kids in the Hall and the original cast of Mystery Science 3000.

They’ve knocked it out of the park musically as well, featuring acts like Tenacious D (Jazz), The Darkness, Rocket From The Crypt, Big Freedia, Andrew W.K., and Die Antwoord. Plus, they’ll be joined by musical comedy acts such as Tim Minchin, DJ Douggpound, Richard Cheese and The Lampshades. That’s only a small taste of the full lineup, which you can check out here.

Oh, and did we mention that The One and Only PPL MVR will be performing?! Not aware of The One and Only PPL MVR? Well, prepare to have your minds not only blown, but absolutely destroyed:

Yep! That. Just. Happened. You can try make sense of it and explain or describe it but there are not words that would do the band justice. They have to be experienced, which is why we’re seriously debating dumping our wallets out and having them take whatever it takes for us to see this show.

You can buy tickets to Festival Supreme 2015 here.

Are you as excited as we are for this year’s Festival Supreme? What acts are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: Pitchfork]

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