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Ten Existing Games We’d Love to Play on Oculus Rift

Seeing the Oculus Rift steadily gaining steam and influence among gamers and tech enthusiasts made us wonder which already existing games and franchises would be awesome to get the virtual reality treatment. No matter what your game preference is, here’s our official list of games and series in which we’d like to immerse ourselves with the Rift.

10. Mirror’s Edge

Honestly, who didn’t think about how great Mirror’s Edge (and the sequel) would be applied to virtual reality? The game exists to put you in the freerunning shoes of those badder-assed than you, and if you can avoid the motion sickness, the atmosphere and first person perspective are a shoo-in to make you feel like a superhero. Or, at least, the athlete you always knew was somewhere inside you.



9. Slender

A game with zero fighting and really no happy ending to be found, the horror of the Slender franchise comes from pure atmosphere and chilling suspense. You know you’re going to get got, and with each bit of actual progress, the increased pacing, music, and dwindling flashlight power serves to reinforce your inevitable doom. Bringing Slender to the Rift would be a masochistic delight.



8. Myst

Okay, stay with me here. The whole great thing about Myst was exploring the world, since you spend half the time running around unsure of what you’re actually supposed to be looking for. I’d even take those sweet 1993 graphics for the ability to feel like I’m on that creepy island.

I want to go to here

I want to go to here

Note: in researching this article I learned that Myst was re-released on Steam AND for the 3DS. So yeah. I’m doin’ that.

7. Anything from the Metroid franchise

As a girl who always wanted to be Samus, I’d take any game set in the Metroid universe, as long as it meant rocking a cybernetic suit and blasting space pirates.


6. Skyrim

Any fantasy or science fiction franchise is an obvious for the Rift, but the breathtaking art design and soundtrack would make a killer world for virtual reality – provided the future technology can handle all that sweet 1080p. Plus, fighting dragons, you guys. Come on.



5. Fallout 3

The same logic applies to the Fallout franchise as Skyrim, duh, because Bethesda is the greatest. Fallout 3 is my personal favorite game of all time, and the only improvement to the overall experience (besides the occasional glitch-and-crash) would be experiencing Vault life in 3D while jamming out to the Ink Spots on GNR. Just imagine facing a Deathclaw in virtual reality. Now shut up and take our caps.



4. The Assassin’s Creed franchise. All of it.

How perfect of a scenario for the Rift is a game that’s story is already rooted in virtual reality? It would be like you’re stepping into the Animus yourself to become a badass assassin with the ability to leap, free run, and stealth-kill your enemies while wearing a totally sweet hoodie.


3. Bioshock

It’s hard to write an article about incredible settings, sound and art design without mentioning the Bioshock series. An opportunity to see the story unfold in virtual reality is part of the very reason we’re so excited about the new technology. Can you imagine how cool it would be to go flying around Columbia on your Skyhook? Can you feel the motion sickness building inside of you?!


2. Batman: Arkham Origins/Arkham City/Arkham Asylum

This is about the closest I’ll ever get to becoming Batman without having my parents tragically murdered. Fingers crossed.


1. Grand Theft Auto V

Sure, the scope and detail in the world would be cool on the Rift, but I’m wondering if playing it in virtual reality would actually change the gameplay experience. Would I be less inclined to beat up citizens for no reason if 3D was bringing the carnage to life? Probably not. Now let’s steal a freakin’ helicopter!



Honorable mentions: Half Life, Portal, Resident Evil, Just Cause, and Knights of the Old Republic. 

What games do you fantasize about playing on the Oculus Rift? Let me know if I missed any by leaving a quemment below or by telling me on Twitter!

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  1. Jesse Merida says:

    ^^^^Needs Kingdom Hearts.

  2. Shakk says:

    I want a game like sword art online or a game where u get to meet people and just have plain adventures!!

  3. Anaerin says:

    Well, if the NVidia drivers can make RealMyst work in 3D (I’m not sure if they do or not, but I think they can), it may just be possible to get your dream of Myst in 3D…

  4. Stormageddon says:

    Star Wars: Battlefront

  5. Brandon B says:

    I’d love to try most of these in Oculus (except Slender, screw that). But realistically Assassin’s Creed and Batman don’t work, they’re all third person. And even if you made a first person mod for them they’d be totally unplayable in combat for the fact you often fight groups of enemies and rely on countering guys who are in fact behind you. That and both the Assassin guys and Batman have a tendency to do a bazillion flips and leaps around while fighting which is going to make Mirror’s Edge motion sickness look like a pleasant memory.

  6. Donovan Reighart says:

    Minecraft is pretty cool on the oculus rift. can’t wait to try it myself.

  7. t-ho says:

    any half life 1, DayZ 2, portal portal 2 3, tf2 4, any gta 5, minecraft 6, doom 7. wolfenstien 8, Gary’s Mod 9, any Bethesda rpg 10

  8. Chromar says:


  9. Smailien says:

    I was wondering where #2 was, but then I saw that it flipped over and pretended to be a 5.