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Telltale’s New GAME OF THRONES Teaser Reveals 6 Episode Series

O’ frabjous day! If you’re a Game of Thrones fan hungrier than Hodor at a Hometown Buffet for details on Telltale Games’ forthcoming Game of Thrones game, then you’re in luck. The company has released yet another teaser for the title on Twitter, but this one offers more information than most. Good thing too — we were about to send out our little birds to see if they’d accidentally been taken by White Walkers in the night.



The accompanying tweet read:

#GameOfThrones: A @TelltaleGames Series
Episode One of Six: #IronFromIce
Premiering Soon”

We knew that the game would be premiering in 2014, but the “premiering soon” has us hopeful that it’s right around the corner. Traditionally when Telltale says something like that, it could drop as soon as the next week or two. Don’t quote me on that, but I have a strong feeling that “soon” is a lot sooner than we realize.

While details have been scarce so far, this teaser offers one very tantalizing tidbit: for the first time ever, a Telltale Games series will span six episodes. This is excellent news if you’re anything like me in that you get way too invested in your characters and don’t want their stories to end. Speaking of characters, Telltale SVP of Publishing Steve Allison told IBTimes UK that the series will have “five playable characters from the same family whose choices affect everyone in the family”. What family, you ask? Well, as I theorized previously that we’ll be playing as members of House Forrester, bannermen for House Stark who live in and around Deepwood Motte in the frozen north. Based on past teasers, their adventures may even take them beyond the Wall! Be careful what you say and do because the Children of the Forest will remember that.

Telltale’s Director of PR Job Stauffer also said something interesting on Twitter, which is seemingly corroborated by the teaser art above. He mentioned that he was playing two games today at the Telltale office, and that “one looks a lot like my favorite FPS, the other like a living oil painting.” Making your Game of Thrones game look like a beautiful oil painting or medieval tapestry? Yes, please! Now I only have one question left: is it “soon” yet?

What do you think of Telltale’s Game of Thrones game? Will you be playing? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Telltale Games


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  1. Darkarios says:

    If i buy it will i get all 6 episodes?

  2. Ali says:

    What platform??