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TEEN WOLF Recap: ‘Codominance’ Finally Reunites More Than One Fan-Favorite Relationship

Thank you, Teen Wolf. Thank you for finally healing some nasty wounds that have been open and aching since the end of season five-A.

This week’s episode, “Codominance,” gave us the relief we’ve been craving by reuniting more than one fan-favorite pairing that has been kept apart—either physically or emotionally—for way too long. Whether your pleasure be Scott and Kira, or Scott and Stiles, or Stiles and Roscoe the Jeep, the episode brought long-awaited reunions left and right! It was glorious. So let’s recap it all!

The episode began with some dang cool slow-mo fighting between Kira and the skin walkers (while her mom just watched from the sidelines—Mom of the Year) in the desert. After one of them shish kebabed Kira, the skin walkers realized that she was more afraid of herself than of them. Kira’s mom asked them to help her defeat the fox spirit inside of her, and they agreed to try. But if they couldn’t, she’d have to stay with them and become one of them forever. Were that to happened, Kira’d need some makeup lessons to get her face looking like one of theirs. Spoiler alert: It’s not a good look. Think super dehydrated clown face. Yikes.

Teen Wolf

But when Kira wondered if her mom would truly leave her there in the desert, her mom told her that if she doesn’t stay with the skin walkers for months (or even years, however long it takes) to defeat the spirit inside of her, it could consume her, and she wouldn’t exist anymore. This is really a lose-lose situation, so Kira had better pass this “test” the skin walkers put her through.

Back in Beacon Hills, Roscoe the jeep is back! Stiles actually managed to fix it, much to everyone’s surprise (including his own). Something else that definitely needs fixing, though, is Liam and Scott’s bromance. Liam tried to make amends (but without actually saying “sorry,” so it wasn’t really his best effort) by clueing Scott in about Theo’s pack of chimeras. To Liam’s disappointment, Scott already knew, so it didn’t work. Although there was a sweet moment when Scott looked truly happy and relieved for Liam when he said Hayden was still alive. Cute.

But to make matters worse, Scott told Liam not to do anything while he and Stiles went to bring Kira home. What’s a poor little Beta to do when his Alpha is mad disappointed in him like a father would be? Stiles told Scott to forgive him, but Scott wanted to leave him hanging just a little bit longer to teach him a lesson. That’s what parents do, right?

At the high school, Theo told one of his chimeras that the Dread Doctors are trying to get the Beast to remember who it was, despite the fact that it’s just a teen chimera underneath. They needed a body to resurrect the Beast; it couldn’t just come from thin air. So while the teen is a teen during the day, when it transforms it’s the ancient Beast that killed more than 500 people when it first walked the earth. Theo was also pissed at the Doctors since his end of the deal still hadn’t been fully upheld: his eyes were still yellow, meaning that while he got his pack of chimeras, he hadn’t become an Alpha. But his whining was cut sort by a roar from the Beast, which effectively scared him speechless. The Doctors took this opportunity to disappear with their new pet.

Teen Wolf

On their road trip to the desert, Scott did some reading into “Damnatio Memoriae,” and learned the Dread Doctors resurrected a serial killer who became werewolf. His crimes were so bad, all records of them were destroyed, leaving his true identity a mystery. That’s helpful. When they ran out of gas, Scott and Stiles jacked some from an abandoned gas station… but since Stiles is such a mensch, he left a $20 bill in the crack of the door. Awww.

That detour also gave Stiles the long-awaited opportunity he needed to finally tell Scott the whole truth about what happened the night he killed Donovan. He told Scott he hadn’t felt comfortable telling him before because he felt as though he’d broken Scott’s sacred “no killing” rule—and once you do that, you can never go back. But Scott stopped all his guilt at once: “I know what self defense is.” The perfect response! We knew the Sciles reunion would feel good, but damn, this feels amazing!

We returned to the heart of the desert, finding Kira deep into her test, fighting attacking Oni. Finally, the fox inside of her helped her defeat the Oni, leading her to believe that she had passed the test. But the skin walkers told her the fox spirit had won, not Kira; she had no control over it, and so she needed to stay with them longer. But even though that’s what her mom took her out to the desert for, Mrs. Yukimara refused to let the skin walkers take her daughter away from her.

The skin walkers tried to attack both of the kitsune, but Scott and Stiles swooped in at the perfect moment and helped them escape. All the way back to Beacon Hills, Scott and Kira made out and exchanged “I love yous” in the backseat. It was sweet, but that moment didn’t last long. After a quick nap, Scott woke up to find Liam and Mason back at his house. They found out from the chimera that Mason has been seeing that Theo is looking for a blind Alpha—Deucalion. Oh no. What could Theo possibly need Deucalion for?! It can’t be anything good.

Throughout all this action, at Eichen House, Lydia continued to be super creepy: walking on broken glass and talking to the dead Banshee who isn’t really there. Additionally, Theo stalked Malia to Deaton’s animal clinic. After she kicked his ass, he told her he could help her find Deaton and the Desert Wolf, using the same methods the Dread Doctors used to find their victims. Don’t trust him, Malia!

What did you think of all the reunions on tonight’s Teen Wolf?

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Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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