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Teaser Trailer For Rooster Teeth’s LAZER TEAM Premieres

If you visit this site, you know who Rooster Teeth is. The company has brought countless hours of fun and entertainment to the world of gamers and geeks alike. Their overnight success with the Red Vs. Blue series opened the door for a group of young men and women with a passion for gaming and comedy to take the internet by storm. Over the past twelve years a group that started as seven guys with a few x-boxes hooked up to computers has turned into an industry icon, and a giant that was recently purchased by Fullscreen Inc.

Last year Burnie Burns, actor and co-founder of Rooster Teeth, announced that the company was going to launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund their first feature-length, live action film. In June, the campaign for Lazer Team went live, and broke an Indiegogo record by reaching its goal of $650,000 in under ten hours. It then went on to break another record as the highest grossing film campaign on the site, procuring over $2.4 million. Obviously, we all wanted this movie to made as much as they did. Only seven months later and Rooster Teeth has premiered the teaser trailer for the film at their “Let’s Play Live” event in Austin.


The film offers up a story in which the Wow! Signal discovered by Jerry R. Ehmen in the ’70s was actually a warning to Earth that the galaxy is in danger. In order to combat an evil race of aliens, the U.S. Government began a secret program to train a Champion of Earth. The program would also create a powerful suit of armor for their champion, designed by Earth’s alien allies. When something goes terribly wrong, the suit falls into the hands of four idiots who must band together to become the most unlikely heroes and save the planet, if not the galaxy.

Lazer Team stars Burnie Burns, Gavin Free (The Slow-Mo Guys), Michael Jones (RWBY), Colton Dunn (Key and Peele), Allie DeBerry (The Starving Games), and Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and is slated for release this summer. Let us know what you think of the teaser in the comments below.

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  1. Slythiechick says:

    my immediate thought: “Did they give Michael a Portal gun?  Dear lord, I hope they didn’t give him a Portal gun.  I do not trust him with a Portal gun.”
    second thought: “This is gonna be awesome!”

  2. Orionsangel says:

    So when is Capcom suing?

    • Shinn says:

      Don’t worry, considering Burnie had the foresight to approach Microsoft regarding a licensing for Halo to make Red vs Blue in the early 2000s, I think it’s safe to say the legality of the props in this film has been sorted out.