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Team Coco Meets “The Walking Dead”

While Conan O’Brien and Team Coco have been in Atlanta this week, you HAD to figure that The Walking Dead would somehow be involved, and, indeed, The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker (Merle lives!) and Melissa McBride showed up to find refuge and wreak havoc in the theater on Conan the other night. If you missed it, here it is.

And rest assured that no actual cameramen, basketball stunt doubles, or Andy Richters were harmed in the making of the sketch.

Oh, yeah, while we’re talking about The Walking Dead, don’t forget the Walking Dead action figure giveaway from Nerdist News — you have until April 8th to enter to win a set of all five of the action figures, so go do that.

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  1. fallenturtle says:

    It looked like Merle, but that was no Merle… Merle wouldn’t look that panicked.

  2. jeremeyes says:

    haha Tyler +5000

  3. Tyler says:

    Hey man, if you have time to be posting comments here, you have time to be watching the best show on TV. Step it up.

  4. Jim S says:

    You bastards. Why did you spoil that Merle dies? I haven’t watched the second half of the season yet. You gotta watch what you say on here. Again, BASTARDS

  5. Drakeo says:

    This proves the power of Conan..He’s so awesome HE BROUGHT BACK MERLE TO LIFE AND HUMAN FORM!!!!