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The world of late night has just been shaken up yet again. If your immediate thoughts go to whether CBS has found a replacement for Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show, there’s still no answer. The balance in the realm of late night is shifting yet again because TBS has unfortunately just canceled The Pete Holmes Show.

After only two cycles aired over several months, TBS has crunched the numbers and decided against re-upping The Pete Holmes Show. The Pete Holmes Show will officially end its current cycle on June 19th.

This would be the second time that TBS has cancelled a late night talk show that followed Conan. In 2011, they gave Lopez Tonight the ax and, for a while, Conan aired Monday through Thursday at 11PM with nothing on afterwards. Striking out with both George Lopez and Pete Holmes, one has to wonder if TBS will even attempt to have another late night talk show on at 12AM.

TBS issued a statement following this announcement, “We loved the show and gave it two chances. We just couldn’t draw the audience needed to justify a third round. We hope we’ll get to work with him again.” Technically, this leaves two slots to be filled in late night, since The Late Late Show, as mentioned above, needs a new host and, if TBS so desires, someone else will need to follow Conan O’Brien.

Honestly, this is terrible news. However, you can still get your regular dose of Pete Holmes with his Nerdist podcast You Made It Weird, which has been going strong while during the TV show’s run.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Nick says:

    thank god, pete homes was fucking horrible. I hated his ass. he wasn’t funny and was just annoying to listen to

  2. Zeke Teke says:

    This show was bad, I am sorry. I am not at all surprised by this.

  3. Yaaws says:

    Why do they give this guy is on show this is so lame. Nothing about this guy is entertaining. He’s been on so many things I don’t understand how is made it this far

  4. Smiles says:

    I need me some Paul F Tompkins in latenight.

  5. Moe says:

    Uncrispy news. These news are SOGGY! Wet, soggy, moist, horrible news.

  6. DiHard11 says:

    It’s very sad.  I enjoy coming home from work, getting out my Pete Holmes Pillow and watching the Pete Holmes Show. Oh don’t look at me as if having a Pete Holmes pillow is weird! 

    Well I still have the pillow and of course “You Made It Weird.” 


  7. This suck, but I think the fact that it was a half hour, instead of an hour hurt it. It would have been improved with a bit a breathing room, and a longer interview section.

    • FilmNerd says:

      Honestly, the half hour fucked him up. It would have been amazing with full interviews instead of three minute segments. I’ll miss Petey’s show.

  8. Ian Reible says:

    Whatever happened to Deon Cole’s Black Box?

  9. well that sucks, but i’m sure hell go on to do something even bigger and better.

  10. Nich_Hustler says:

    Blegh. I’m upset by this. Pete you’re a champion and I hope more fortune, success and opportunities find their way to you.

  11. CrystalBluePersuasion says:

    Thank god! His 5 hour podcasts are tollerable at best. His late night show was the drizzling sh!ts. 

    • Nick says:

      Finger point at the troll. 
      You know I hate having choice and don’t understand how things that I don’t like are found to be funny, stimulating and positive by other people?

  12. Jess says:

    Wow thats such a shame, I adore Pete and the show is one of my favourites. 

  13. frank says:

    Okay, so we all agree to prison style shiv the TBS execs. Right?

  14. Richmond says:

    America wasn’t ready. PETE kept it crispy. It was the WORLD that didn’t keep it crispy.

  15. Thomas says:

    This sucks!

  16. Rick Feguer says:

    Wash my Damn towels tbs

  17. I Nominate Chris Hardwick to replace Craig Ferguson at Late Late on CBS

  18. Collin says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know Pete had his own show!  I’ll have to check it out while I can

  19. mess says:

    So this means ol’ Petey Pants is available to take over for Craig Ferguson right?

  20. Jeff says:

    I think this is more an issue with Conan. His rating aren’t very good even with TBBT as a lead in. 

  21. Joey says:

    Their loss…maybe don’t put one of the most talented and funny people in the world on at midnight! I doubt it will take long for Pete to find another landing spot.

  22. Alex V says:

    This is a shame. Keep your head up Pete! 

  23. Richard says:

    This really bums me out, I loved those sketches