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Tatiana Maslany Did a Reddit AMA About Tatiana Maslany

Another day, another fantastic Reddit AMA to give us a greater insight into our favorite humans. After yesterday’s stellar chat with Mark Ruffalo, we were treated to a heaping helping of Tatiana Maslany, otherwise known as the world’s most insanely talented (and tired) actress, face of the Project Leda sestrahood that makes up the spellbindingly badass Orphan Black on BBC America.

Though the whole thing is a great read — and gave us a ton of details in the multi-facted mind of TatMas — perhaps the most interesting bit of Q&Aing came from her discussion of Rachel Duncan. This season (spoilers!), the pro-clone überbitch has fallen far from the DYAD throne upon which she sat, and her transformation has been fascinating on an emotional and physical level.

“This season, Rachel was particularly difficult because she’s dealing with Aphasia, and she’s sort of a fallen giant,” Maslany explained, adding later that the clone’s challenges are varied because she “has a huge well of emotions that she doesn’t know how to express, or she can’t quite let out.”

It all posits an interesting challenge for Duncan, considering, the actress added, “where she came from, and how much power she thought she had before. [It’s] Interesting to see her in this position of being at the mercy of other people.”

But of course it was a veritable smorgasbord of Maslany tidbits for you to chew on, so without further ado — the most interesting tidbits from her AMA.

Her Sense of Humor is ON-POINT

And She’s Still Looking for Those Mangoes

Where are these mangoes?

She Knows the Clones’ Favorite Movies

…And What Flavor of Doritos They Might Be

We’re with Rachel on this one: you never go full-Dorito.

She Was Scared of Nick Offerman

Clearly, this must’ve been before she heard him laugh.

But She LOVED Working on Parks and Rec

Shout-out to Amy Poehler!

She Doesn’t Kiss and Tell

So She’s Keeping Mum on Cophine

Sorry, shippers.

Her Spin-Off Ideas are Right on the Mark

Cosima. in. a. Hackers. Remake.

Helena > Alison


She Would Totally Cosplay

…and she should TOTALLY DO IT JUST SAYING.

She’s Also a Whovian

Get that fanart of the clones as companions STAT, Internet!

She Has A++ Taste in Other Television Shows


…And Jell-O

Red = the only flavor that matters

AND Music!

Jeez Maslany we get it, you’re great.

She Manages to Use the Word Chillaxing and We Don’t Hate Her For It

The magic of Maslany is REAL, folks.

Plus, She’s Incredibly Thoughtful and Insightful

What did you think of the AMA? Let us hear it in the comments.

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