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Taika Waititi Offers His Best HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE Survival Tips

In 2016, everything is coming up Taika Waititi. Fresh off the success of What We Do in the Shadows, Waititi has been tapped to direct Thor: Ragnarok, the third solo cinematic outing for Chris Hemsworth’s flaxen-haired hammer-wielder, which is said to be a buddy picture for Thor and Hulk. Directing a massive blockbuster like that undoubtedly will thrust the New Zealand-born filmmaker into the international spotlight. But before he whisks us away to Asgard, Waititi is bringing us a buddy picture of a very different sort in Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

The film, which was one of the best things we saw at Sundance, is basically a survivalist version of Up, following a juvenile delinquent with aspirations of becoming a gangster and his taciturn foster uncle in the bush of New Zealand as they try to evade a nationwide manhunt hellbent on their capture. However, before you head to theaters to see it for yourself on June 24, Taika Waititi sat down to record a few of his best survival tips to help you hack it out should you ever find yourself in a similar situation. After all, as G.I. Joe tried to beat into our heads, knowing is half the battle. The other half is seeing awesome indie movies.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople opens in theaters on June 24.

What are your best survival tips? Will you be seeing Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Let us know in the comments below.


Dan Casey is the senior editor of Nerdist and the author of books about Star Wars and the Avengers. Follow him on Twitter (@Osteoferocious).

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