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SUPERNATURAL’s 9 Weirdest Creatures (So Far)

SUPERNATURAL’s 9 Weirdest Creatures (So Far)

Eleven seasons. That’s how long the Winchester brothers have been riding around in the Impala and saving people from all manner of monsters that go bump in the night on Supernatural. Ghosts, demons, a wendigo—Sam and Dean have stopped all these terrors throughout the years, but also dragons (yep!), demigods, and other off-the-wall creatures. To celebrate Supernatural Day, I’m looking back at the weirdest/silliest monsters Sam and Dean have encountered on the road so far.

1. Nachzehrer

Appeared in: “Baby”
Nachzehrers are the official name from lore for the monsters Dean dubbed ghoul-pires—I like Dean’s name better. They have traits common to werewolves, vampires, and ghouls and feed on hearts and blood. Even though the episode put a humorous angle on the ghoulpires, the hybrid monsters were scary and hard to kill—Dean had to put a copper penny in alpha’s mouth and decapitate it in order for the pack to revert back to their human form.

2. Dragons

Appeared in: “Like a Virgin”
Look, when you have to dig up monsters to feature in dozens and dozens of episodes, you have to go deep into myth to find candidates. Or, you go for the obvious and make it fit the show—ergo, dragons. The dragons took human form and kidnapped virgins. (Yeah. It happened.) Even the Winchesters and Bobby had a hard time believing the creature was real. The dragon they chased lived in the sewer and had a stash of gold and everything.

3. Leshi

Appeared in: “Fallen Idol”
Celebrity culture is a thing, and for better or worse, many people seem to worship those who they perceive have status. The pagan god Leshi took advantage of that and took the form of idols such as Gandhi and Paris Hilton (those two are at slightly different ends of the spectrum) and devoured their worshippers to stay fed and alive and to plant a seed from its Balkan forest home into the worshippers’ stomachs.

4. Zanna

Appeared in: “Just My Imagination”
Imaginary friends? Yeah, Supernatural went there. The Zanna acted as guides to children who needed them and would appear to the child in question as long as he or she wanted them around. Zanna were actually a force of good, and though the concept sounds ridiculous, the show pulled it off remarkably well.

5. Phoenix

Appeared in “Frontierland”
Phoenixes aren’t only found in Dumbledore’s office, they were powerful monsters in Supernatural, incinerating anyone with only a touch. The ashes of a Phoenix were key to stopping Eve, and the Winchesters even traveled back in time to acquire them.

6. Cherubim

Appeared in: “My Bloody Valentine”
If you’ve ever stayed awake wondering how a cherub shakes hands, the appearance of Cupid on the series put your mind at ease. A lower order of angel, Cupid appeared and hugged Castiel and the Winchesters to introduce himself. The Cherubim receive orders from heaven to make sure certain bloodlines come together—for example, John and Mary Winchester were one of the relationships that took top priority. To that end, the hundreds of Cherubim on Earth are able to manipulate emotions.

7. Suicidal Teddy Bear

Appeared in: “Wishful Thinking”
A wishing well actually granting wishes seems like a fantastic idea in theory, but you know the saying, you get what you wish for… The goddess of chaos caused the problem, and one of the wishes that came true was a teddy bear coming to life. It sounds cute, but the stuffed animal was in the middle of an existential crisis and upset by the state of the world. He unleashed his sadness by breaking into a liquor store and stealing booze and adult magazines. Of course.

8. Fairies

Appeared in: “Clap Your Hands If You Believe”
Fairies in Supernatural aren’t cute like Tinker Bell. They traveled to our realm from Avalon, another dimension, and abducted people. There were light and dark fairies—one of the latter, a Redcap, tormented Dean. Watching Dean being plagued by a fairy remains one of the show’s most humorous moments.

9. Flying Monkeys

Appeared in: “Slumber Party”
In one of the more bizarre twists in Supernatural, the Winchesters encountered the world of Oz–that meant the Wicked Witch… and her army of Flying Monkeys. The army didn’t make it through to our world, but their massive numbers and glowing eyes were enough to make me raise an eyebrow.

Which creatures or monsters would you add to the list? Sound off in the comments or drive your Impala to Twitter and let me know.

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