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SUPERMAN Officially Introduces Son Jonathan as the New SUPERBOY

SUPERMAN Officially Introduces Son Jonathan as the New SUPERBOY

Happy Wednesday/new comics day everyone, and welcome to your mid-week edition of Comics Relief! Lets start of today’s column with news we’ve known was coming, but is cool as heck anyway — the introduction of Lois and Clark’s pride and joy as the newest Superboy. Read on for all the details.

Superman officially reveals his son Jonathan Kent as the new Superboy

Although his emergence as a junior superhero has been known since the first images were released from DC Rebirth, it’s now 100% confirmed: Jonathan Kent, the ten year old son of Superman and Lois Lane, is our new Superboy. The Man of Steel made it official and introduced Jon in his cape and costume to Batman and Wonder Woman in this week’s Superman #6 by Peter Tomasi. This is probably the reason why the Super Sons title starring Jon and Robin/Damian Wayne was delayed, so Jon could debut as Superboy in his pop’s book first.

So does this mean we’ll never see Conner Kent, the previous Superboy, again? It’s been awhile since he’s been a part of the DC Universe, but the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor was a pretty popular character for decades. I guess if he does return, he’d need a new name. Superman Jr? Superteen? Oh boy, I hope DC is better at coming up with Super-names than I am. [CBR]

New Teen Titans series will have a mystery 6th member

While on the DC young heroes tip, Benjamin Percy, the writer of the new upcoming Teen Titans ongoing series, said in a recent interview with Newsarama that the five revealed members of the Teen Titans won’t be the only members of the team. According to Percy, one more will be added to the line-up after the book’s first arc.

So far, the line-up is very reminiscent of the animated series roster, with Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and the new Kid Flash. Right now, odds are that the new Aqualad is the mystery 6th member, but it could also be Cyborg (in an adult mentor role) to reflect the cartoon series even more. Could it be the newly introduced Superboy? At ten, he’s a bit too young to be a “teen” Titan…but you never know. Who do you think the mystery member will be? [Newsarama]

IDW to launch Star Trek: Discovery series simultaneously as the new TV show

When the new TV series Star Trek: Discovery premieres in January of 2017, it will have a simultaneous launch in the world of comic books as well, thanks to publisher IDW. At this past weekend’s Star Trek: Mission New York convention, Discovery series staff writer Kristen Beyer announced that she will not only be working on a new prose novel with David Mack for Simon & Schuster, but also on a series of comics with Michael Johnson and IDW scheduled to coincide with Discovery’s TV release. [Comic Book]

Wonder Woman: Earth One artist asks fans help to find missing original art

One of the most amazing parts of the recent Grant Morrison OGN Wonder Woman: Earth One was the stunning art from illustrator Yanick Paquette. Recently, the Artist Tweeted a photo of a sketch he did of the Amazing Amazon that was stolen from a collector’s car at this past weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con. He asked if anyone out there sees it to let him know. You can see Paquette’s tweet down below:

BOOM! Studios announces the return of Klaus at Baltimore Comic-Con, plus more Kong

At this past weekend’s Baltimore Comic-Con, publisher BOOM! Studios made two major announcements that should have fans excited for the rest of the year’s offerings. First off, superstar writer Grant Morrison will be bringing back his “superhero Santa Claus” series Klaus in December, with Klaus and the Witch of Winter. According to the original report, the series will feature Santa Klaus in space. Who wouldn’t want to read that??

Also announced by BOOM! at the Con, the new series Kong of Skull Island is such a big hit that they have changed plans and made it an ongoing series instead of a mini-series. Writer James Asmus told fans that the series “is becoming more violent as Kong fights dinosaurs and coincides with the humans who escaped to Skull Island with him. The unofficial tag line is if you want to know what killed the dinosaurs, it was Kong!” More official details on both of these series from BOOM! should be coming from the publisher soon. [Bleeding Cool]

Frank Miller and Klaus Janson re-team for Dark Knight III mini-comic

Although issue #6 has been super delayed once again, Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race is still on its way, and included among the issue will be a new mini-comic that comes inside, illustrated by the original Dark Knight Returns artistic team of Miller and Klaus Janson. Right now, issue 6 is scheduled for release on October 19, although with all the delays this book has had, that could change again. The cover for the issue features former Robin Carrie Kelly as the new Batgirl. [Bleeding Cool]

Image’s Reborn gets all-star variant covers series

One of the most exciting projects coming from Image Comics this year is Mark Millar and Greg Capullo’s upcoming series, Reborn. The new series is about an old woman who dies at the age of 80, and then finds herself reborn in a new young body in a distant fantastical realm. Her mission is to find her long deceased husband, who is out there somewhere in this world.

The series will have a smattering of variant covers from some very high profile comics creators, including Todd McFarlane, Jock, John Cassaday and Frank Cho. In addition to those all-star variants, Reborn #1 will come with two regular covers by series artist Greg Capullo as well as one sketch cover. Reborn #1 arrives in stores on October 12. You can see all the covers in our gallery below. [CBR]

Wanna know more about The Runaways? Dan’s got ya covered!

Images: DC Comics/ Image Comics / CBS / BOOM! Studios


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