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SUPERMAN III Becomes the Horror Movie You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Since the release of Man of Steel, there has been a debate as to whether or not it’s a good Superman film. “There shouldn’t have been that much destruction!” “He had only been Superman for a week! He was doing his best!” With the upcoming Batman v Superman, the debate will probably grow even more.

One thing that Superman fans CAN agree on? Superman III was not that good. I couldn’t tell if it was trying to be a serious look at the psyche of Superman, a sci-fi superhero movie, or a slapstick comedy with the actual star being Richard Pryor, not Christopher Reeve. It seemed it was trying to be all three at once, and the results were not exactly amazing.

Thanks to One Perfect Shot, we now have a glimpse into one possible version of Superman III, a version that would not only capture your imagination but horrify you at the same time.

The trailer re-cuts the film to look like a horror movie, showing scenes of the “evil Superman” as he wrecks havoc. I like how the trailer cuts away from scenes of people in peril right before they are saved to make it seem they didn’t make it. They also cut the Superman vs. Clark Kent junkyard fight to look terrifying instead of confusing. What they didn’t need to edit much from was Vera Webster’s (Annie Ross) transformation into a cyborg creature. When I saw this scene as a 5-year-old, I ran from the room.

Superman III definitely had its problems. This video shows the studio didn’t really know the movie they had.

So what do you think? Would Superman III have been a better movie if it had embraced the horror genre? Or was doomed from the start, regardless of creative editing? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

HT: One Perfect Shot

IMAGE: Warner Brothers

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