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SUPERMAN-BATMAN Movie Gets Pushed Back To 2016

Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to push back the release of its highly anticipated Superman-Batman movie into 2016. The studio claims that this is the best move for them to provide their filmmakers with the “time to realize fully their vision.”

The movie was originally scheduled for release on July 15, 2015, but now won’t be hitting the big screen for almost an entire year after the original date, on May 6, 2016.  The delay came after production on the film got moved into the second quarter of this year. Warner Bros. Pictures’ untitled Peter Pan movie, however, will be moving its release date to July 17, 2015, filling in the gap being left by the Superman-Batman movie.

Looks like the folks at Warner Bros. are just playing Jenga with their release dates to make sure each project comes out nice and sturdy. Hopefully the delay of the Superman-Batman movie will help it stack up higher than fan expectations. Because you know, that’s pretty damn high.

HT: Deadline

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  1. Chris says:

    Well, since all the whining and bitching won’t change the release date or the casting, there’s a lot of energy being wasted on absolutely nothing. * shrug *

    Affleck does a great job in everything he’s in; he’s just been in a couple clunker movies. Diassociate the man’s on-screen persona from is ability to choose a decent script and actually look at his acting. He does a fine job and he’s generally enjoyable… or at least he sells the character.

    I’m way more excited to see this movie whenever it comes out than I am to see a JLA movie or – ugh – another Peter Pan retelling.

  2. Ben Z says:

    DC has the chance to do something Marvel hasn’t and may not. Put out a good superheroine film. Wonder Woman is considered part of the DC Trinity. Why not make a Wonder Woman movie? At least try! And don’t try to sex it up and make guys drool, give people a real female hero that could be a role model. If the movie is done right, the licensing stuff alone would sky rocket. Little girls with hopes and aspirations of making the world a better place instead of making a sex tape to get famous.
    My favorite Marvel heroines are Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk & Spider-Woman (the others I can think of are mutants, which have movie rights owned by Fox, and Sue Storm of the F4). I don’t see any of those three getting their own movie any time soon. DC has a huge chance to beat them to the punch, but their just doing it wrong. Very, very wrong.

  3. Ben Z says:

    Really? DC wants to go head to head with a Marvel movie (a Marvel movie comes out the first Friday of May each year).

  4. DSykes says:

    Maybe they realized they’ve added to many Hero Characters for what isn’t supposed to be a JLA movie but a Superman film? As for high expectations? MoS, was okay, but the best thing I’ve heard about this sequel is that Affleck will be Batman. (Yeah, I know, I’m apparently in the minority of liking that decision.)

  5. Fartbooty says:


  6. gage says:

    I think there’s plenty to be excited about, for one David Goyer who is great at coming up with ideas but terrible at going through with them is not the only writer on the movie. Chris Terrio who wrote Agro, you know, Argo that movie that won Best Adapted Screenplay and Best picture, is writing all future drafts of Batman vs. Superman as far as anybody knows as of now. Kevin Smith has said on many occasions that Affleck very vocal when he doesn’t agree on the direction a scene is going, and Affleck being a director himself i would not be surprised if he ended up shooting second unit or shadow producing the entire movie. If even an ounce of Terrio or Afflecks talent bleeds into the movie then it could be far better than Man of Steel ever even hoped to be.

  7. Luke says:

    I’m with Nate on this one. Though it occurs to me there may be some sarcasm not coming across in the article.

  8. Nate says:

    Fan expectations are high? I can’t think of any comments I’ve seen on the Affleck decision that were more enthusiastic than, “Give him a chance, I’m sure he’ll do fine!” and most were downright hostile. There hasn’t been a Superman movie since the 1970s that genuinely caught the public interest, let alone the geek-public interest. And I haven’t yet heard about any “fan-favorite”-type writers, actors or directors attached to the film. I’d say that one reason to delay the project is that expectations are so *low* for this one right now . . .

  9. Shervell Jones says:

    Warner Bros/DC wouldn’t have this problem if they hadn’t worked backwards. Justice League should have been endgame. It seems like they’re rushing to catch up with Marvel and tripping over every obstacle on the way.

  10. What’s really interesting is that since Spider-Man in 2002, Marvel has had that a monopoly on the first weekend of May. I am interested to see how they respond.

  11. Blake says:

    Boo. I feel like DC needs to get its shit together and either focus all efforts on the already incredible animated short films or make a Justice League film or!…wait for it…build a franchise on successful character. Marvel has Iron Man, and Superman can easily be that link if Warner Bros. will knock off the bullshit and build a series of movies while advancing the tent pole.

    Just my two cents, but isn’t that what the internet is for?