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Superheroes Look Dreamy in Watercolors

When I imagine the world superheroes live in, I don’t picture the same surroundings our human eyes see. I like to think their vision shows a prettier world. Maybe the colors are more saturated and vivid, or maybe it all looks like a dreamy watercolor painting. If it’s the latter, this art from Blule would fit right in. At first glance, the pieces may look like finger paintings, but they’re more sophisticated and complex.

Clémentine, the artist behind Blule, creates each image on handmade Indian watercolor paper. She quickly sketches the focus of the painting to have a place to start, and then she applies high quality watercolor paint with care. She says it’s not a forgiving medium that you can erase, and she is even more cautious when she splashes the water on. I’m fascinated by the process, and I would love to watch over her shoulder as she builds up all the colors and gradients visible in all of her work.

She’s applied her techniques to portraits of superheroes and villains such as Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Iron Man, and Thor, among others. You can order prints of most of her illustrations and in some cases, the originals are still available. If you don’t see your favorite hero in her gallery, request a commission. And if you don’t want to buy anything but would like to receive a daily dose of beautiful art in your inbox, sign up for her free newsletter.

If you could buy any of these portraits, which one would it be?

HT: Geekologie

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  1. Donnie says:

    Wonder Woman for sure, but Id love the hero Aquaman do be done.

  2. aaron harrop says:

    Id buy a green lantern one if you did one please

  3. Bryant says:

    I’d buy the Batman & Hulk ones because they both look badass!!

  4. Erica says:


  5. Lucas says:

    I consider myself a batfan, but I think the wonder woman portrait is the best. Just the way the rope frames her and the hint of a smile that she’s got going on are what sell me. 

  6. Emily says:

    Ooooh…. love these!! Iron Man and Batman, please!

  7. Mike Chavez says:


  8. chris says:

    just bought Batman

  9. chris says:

    all of them

  10. Krista says:

    Cat woman and Batman for sure

  11. Chuck says:


  12. Kristy says:

    I would buy the Wonder Woman!